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How to write a song

How to write a song

Music - one of the most beautiful wonders of our world.

With it you can talk about their feelings, experiences, hopes and dreams.



Regardless of whether you decide to make music with a computer or a musical instrument, make sure to it that the room was dominated by peace and quiet.


Imagine what you would like to write. Think about the theme and mood of the future songs. Do not forget to think about the audience who hears it.


Decide where you will start to write the song, with words or with music. According to the experience of famous composers and performers, it is best to start with the music, because put her words much easier.


Once you have decided on the theme and mood, it is time to pick the right song tone. Usually majeure notes associated with joy and gladness, and the minor - with sadness and longing.


If you know the chords or musical notation, theyou can try to write the first strum and tune. In all other cases - take a pencil and otstuchite they desired rhythm. Do not forget that the song is composed of stanzas, couplets and pripeva- each of them can have its own rhythm.


Using a tool or a computer program, start to turn by the rhythms of the music. Do not hesitate to even the most unusual and daring ideas.


As you are probably writing musicYou feel that you already know the approximate set of lyrics words. It remains only to lay down one verse. In this case, try to avoid common and long-known rhymes, it's best to pick a word similar in sound.


Make sure to fit in their poemsmood and rhythm of the music. Do not forget that the ultimate goal - not write poetry with music and song, so at the time of writing the words do not read them, and try to sing.


Do not forget the name of your product. If nothing comes to mind - you can use, for example, the first line of the verse or chorus.

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