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How to write a review for the diploma

How to write a review for the award

Graduation year for the student is the most difficult. State examinations, preventing sleep at night, pre-diploma practice and, indeed, the very protection of the diploma, which is afraid of everyone.

In addition to the diploma on the protection of the commission should be based on a review of the thesis.

But how to write it correctly?

What is the review

Review - a document containing the assessmentwork, without which it can not be eligible for protection. Usually the authors of reviews are the heads of companies and enterprises, where the student held pre-diploma practice. Also, reviewers can perform lecturers of the University, it is desirable to have a degree of candidate or doctor of sciences, specializing on the diploma. The main condition - the reviewer should not work on the same chair with the supervisor of the student. Most often, students have to write a review yourself and then approach the referees with the finished document is only signed.

Structure review

Firstly, it is necessary to specify the general provisions on thecorrect spelling review - it is not necessary to use a common phrase, "this work is good", "good student-proven specialist", etc. The main thing is to remember that this document should help to create a favorable impression on the commission..
1. Relevance (novelty). This is the first item reviews. It is necessary to specify, whether the topic is really relevant right now, and that it is interesting and useful.
2. General characteristics. Next you need to describe the general features of the work: to examine the structure, ie, a brief look at the chapter and to correlate them with the objectives set out in vvedenii- analyze the purpose of the work.
3. Advantages of work. If a student writes a review myself at this point to him the main thing - do not overdo it. You can specify what this work is different from previous ones. If present in the practical part, it is necessary to describe what results were achieved and how they can help in practice. To complement this item yet, you can briefly repeat here the basic relevance of the position (only when it is actually confirmed).
4. Disadvantages of work. This item is most unpleasant, but at the same time, the review can not be without it. Student writing a review on their own, may indicate minor flaws, because he knows his job better than anyone else and can overshadow what really happened. Most often, then, the point indicated inaccuracies in the design or excess / lack of applications and others.
5. Evaluation. At the end of the reviewer is to put the evaluation, which he considers a well-deserved for the graduate. In order not to lose, decided to bet on the above points - if such undeserved score, the commissioners point to it.
Diploma - a difficult thing. There is no need to postpone writing it on the last day. But a review of the day it is possible to write.

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