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How to write a review for the abstract

How to write a review for the abstract

A well-written review of the abstract should reflect the characteristics of the study student, possible flaws in the work and recommended rating.

You will need

  • - essay-
  • - Stationery.



Read the essay at least twice. During the first reading, try to get a general view on the progress of student work, think about what you have left overall impression after reading, if fully disclosed to the stated theme of the work. In the course of reading make necessary notes in the margins, which may subsequently be constructive comments.


Check the abstract standardstructure consisting of an introduction, theoretical and practical chapters, conclusion and bibliography. The study also may include an application. The introduction should be clearly justified choice of the theme and its relevance must also be identified goals and objectives. In conclusion, should be present reasoned conclusions on the work done.


Relate the authors mentioned in the bibliography, footnotes in the work, all the books are to be used. Pay particular attention to the availability of materials for the study of foreign languages.


Carefully subtract text forspelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors, review the text line of work scientific style of speech. Form critical comments on the work and possible suggestions for further research, give the recommended rating. Check for plagiarism, as a rule, conducts pre-scientific director.

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