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How to write a review of the essay


How to write a review of the essay</a>

A well-written review of the abstract should reflect the characteristics of the student's research, possible shortcomings in the work and the recommended evaluation.

You will need

  • - essay-
  • - writing materials.



Read the essay at least twice. During the first reading, try to form a general opinion about the work done by the student, think about the general impression you have after reading, whether the stated subject of the work is fully disclosed. As you read, make the necessary notes on the margins, which can later become constructive comments.


Check the correspondence of the standardStructure, consisting of introduction, theoretical and practical chapters, conclusion and list of used literature. Also, the study may include an application. In the introduction, the choice of the topic and its relevance must be clearly justified, and the set goals and objectives should also be indicated. In conclusion, there must be reasoned conclusions on the work done.


Correlate the authors listed in the references list with footnotes in the work, all books should be used. Pay special attention to the availability of materials for research in foreign languages.


Carefully subtract the text forOrthographic, punctuation and stylistic errors, analyze the correspondence of the text of work to the scientific style of speech. Form critical comments on the work and possible wishes for further research, give the recommended assessment. A check for plagiarism is usually carried out by a supervisor in advance.

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