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How to write a profile for practice at school

How to write a profile for practice at school

The duties of the head of the company, in particular schools, and the obligation to be included in the description of a man held in the school production practice.

Most often university gives special form, but sometimes have to produce a document yourself.

There are certain rules in writing such characteristics.



Remember that characterization is made by the representative of the administration or supervisor trainee, shall be signed by an authorized person with a transcript signature and seal.


Characteristics of a person heldpractice, refers to a variety of external characteristics. When compiling is necessary to remember that the external characteristic is written at the request of the employee or at the request of other organizations, governmental and other bodies. Objective: To describe the man as a future specialist.


Please note that this document - itproduction characteristics, and you must characterize the trainee as a future professional, employee and not as a person in general. The main thing - to give information about what kind of work carried out and how the student has what skills and to what extent, what qualities as a future employee, he showed.


Use the official form or a printed sheetrequisites, address and telephone number of the institution in which their practice. Specify the name and time of the trainee practices.


List what responsibilities fulfilledIntern what activities mastered at school, give a specific list. For example: "name was an intern with 12.09.11 on 12.10.11. He was engaged in the following activities: conducted 10 lessons on the themes: 1 homeroom ... on ... 1 school-wide event (name), etc. "


Select the quality that showed the man behindpractice time. For example: "For the period of practice at our school name showed the following qualities: initiative, diligence, communication skills." Write what successes achieved intern, what diplomas encouraged (if any). Describe the behavior of the trainee in the team and in relation to the students.


Make the necessary conclusions and give an assessment of human work during practical training. Express an opinion on the proposed assessment of the practice.

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