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How to write a description of the practice in school


How to write a description of the practice in school</a>

In the duties of the head of the enterprise, in particular the school, it is also the duty to make a characterization of the person who took the practical training in this institution.

Most often the university gives a special form, but sometimes you have to make a document yourself.

There are certain rules in writing such characteristics.



Remember that the characteristic is drawn up by the representative of the administration or the immediate head of the trainee, is certified by the signature of the authorized person with the decryption of the signature and seal.


Characteristics per person who passedPractice, refers to a variety of external characteristics. When drafting it, it is necessary to remember that an external characteristic is written at the request of the worker himself or at the request of other organizations, state and other bodies. Purpose: to describe a person as a future specialist.


Please note that this document isProduction characteristics, and you should characterize the trainee as a future specialist, an employee, and not as a person in general. The main thing is to give information about what kind of work and how the student did, what skills he owns and to what extent, what qualities he has shown as a future employee.


Use an official form or a printed sheet withIndicating the details, address and contact phone numbers of the educational institution where the practice was conducted. Specify the name of the trainee and the time of the practice.


List what duties you performedTrainee, what kinds of activities you have learned at school, give a specific list. For example: "FIO passed the practice from 12.09.11 to 12.10.11. He was engaged in the following activities: conducted 10 lessons on the topics: ... 1 class hour on the topic: ... 1 general school event (title), etc. »


Indicate the qualities that a person has shown forTime of practice. For example: "During the practice in our school, the FIO showed the following qualities: initiative, hard work, sociability". Write down what successes the trainee achieved, what instruments are encouraged (if any). Describe the behavior of the trainee in the team and in relation to the students.


Make the necessary conclusions and evaluate the work of a person during the production practice. Express an opinion on the proposed evaluation for the practice.

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