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How to Write a Characteristic


How to write a characteristic-presentation on a teacher</a>

In the set of documents that the teacher orThe educator represents for the certification, usually includes the characteristic-presentation. It may be required for participation in various contests, such as "Teacher of the Year" or "Nurturer of the Year".

From other characteristics, it differs primarily in that it is necessary to tell why this teacher is worthy of a higher rank or victory in the competition.

You will need

  • - computer with text editor-
  • - methodical development of the teacher-
  • - information on education, work places, refresher courses-
  • - data on participation in methodological associations and creative groups-
  • - data on the publications of the teacher's work.



Gather the information you need forPerformance-presentation. They can be taken from the teacher himself. Data on education, place of work, awards are from the clerk or the personnel department. Information on the activities of methodological associations and creative groups is available in the education department, but you can ask about this either the teacher or the educator.


Any characteristic begins with an indication,On whom it is written, that is, with the surname, name and patronymic. Indicate the year of birth, position and place of work. This is usually written in the "cap" of the document and looks something like this: "Characteristic of Ivan Ivanov, born in 1979, a teacher of such and such a subject of school No. 1 in the city of N."


Write about the techniques that workTeacher, as well as on his own developments. In the characteristics they can simply be mentioned, the teacher himself will reveal them in detail in other documents. Evaluate the effectiveness of lessons or classes. Be sure to note if the teacher or tutor independently develops manuals. Tell us about where and how he increases his qualifications, how much he strives to do it, whether he uses the latest developments, modern pedagogical technologies in his work.


Describe how well the teacherWorks with children's collective. Answer the questions, whether the teacher or the tutor knows how to interest children. Mention whether among the students there are winners of olympiads, contests, exhibitions. Tell us what personal qualities he brings up in pupils or pupils and how successfully it does.


Write about the teacher's relationship with the teacherCollective. Here it is necessary to tell whether he enjoys authority, whether he conveys experience. Specify the forms of experience exchange. It can be open lessons, master classes, conferences, presentations and much more. Mention publications if they exist.


Mark the work of the teacher with the parents. Tell us about the forms of this work. They can be very different, including quite far from traditional parental meetings and individual conversations. These are family clubs, joint trips and trips, open days, a lecture hall for parents. Tell us about the human qualities of the teacher or educator.


At the end of the description, indicate your position,Sign the decryption and the date of writing. For an official document, it is also necessary to print an educational institution. If the school or kindergarten has a letterhead with a logo, print a presentation on it.

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