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How to write a report about the city

How to write a report about the city

The report is considered to be one of the main genres in journalism. Work on it requires thorough preparation and may take some time.

But with the ability to competently and written report is able to make a lasting impression on the reader for a long time remain in their memory.

To master the techniques of reporting, try to start to write about their city.

You will need

  • - Preparatory materials-
  • - Recording interview-
  • - Personal observations.



Think about the content and direction of the futurereportage. The theme of the city can be opened in different ways. The reporting center can be one day in the life of the city, its history, landmarks or people who have left their mark on culture, science, art or politics. A good story can turn out, if in conjunction with the significant event or action carried out in the city or region.


Prepare reporting plan. In the simplest case, it may include an introductory part, the basic content, which discloses the subject, as well as the conclusion, which summarizes the story. The more complex the plan involves a breakdown of reporting for several small thematic sections, united by a common idea that you intend to convey to the audience.


Collect material for the story. Use as a starting point the facts gleaned from the press and television city, archival documents, as well as information that can be found in reference books or museum. To make a report about the city more relevant, take interview those individuals who can share their opinion about the modern city, to talk about its features, the history and development of the cultural traditions and way of life of the citizens.


Give reportage kind of exciting and livelynarrative. Avoid descriptions of standard journalistic cliches, become familiar images and comparisons. Reporting on urban life will be easy to read, if it contains personal thoughts and experiences of the author reflects his own attitude toward the city in question.


In preparing a report about a particular event in the life ofcity, remember that you not only have to talk about what happened, but also to highlight how it happened event. Look at the cover events through the eyes of its participants. Set out the text so that the reader can not only get the news report, but also to feel like a participant in the event, to feel the same emotions as the author, the former at the venue. If you manage to create a sense of presence, consider that your story about the city failed.

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