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How to write a report


How to write a report</a>

There is no uniform strict form for writing a report.

Each organization, as experience accumulates, develops internal rules and requirements for it.

If you first have to write a report, try to make it meaningful and logical.



Define the form of reporting. Report</a> Can be textual and statistical. In the first, the information is presented in the form of a coherent narrative, which, if necessary, is supplemented with tables, graphs and other illustrations. In the statistical report, the opposite is true: the digital indicators and diagrams are accompanied by brief textual explanations.


Designate a time frame. The report can be written about work for a week, a month, a quarter, a year. But sometimes you need to report on a specific event, the organization and conduct of which spent a few days. In any case, information on the timing should be indicated in the report header, for example: "Report on the work of the department in the second quarter of 2011" or "Report on the workshop on the 23-25 ​​January 2011".


Develop a report structure. The first section is the "Introduction", in which you briefly describe the goals that have been set before you, the methods and the result of their achievement.


Next, select small sections that reflect theCompletely accomplished work: preparation, stages of project implementation, positive results achieved, difficulties encountered and options for their elimination. Pay special attention to the financial part. It should be highlighted in a separate section and detailed in accordance with the requirements of the organization's accounting department.


Write short and to the point. Do not think that a large amount of the report will emphasize its significance. On the contrary, the boss will appreciate your ability to express thoughts in a concise, clear and competent manner.


Supplement the main part of the report with annexes,Confirming the facts described by you. It can be bills and other accounting documents, copies of letters of thanks, publications about the event in periodicals, etc.


Complete the report with the "Conclusion" section. Here you will formulate the conclusions and proposals that emerged after the completion of the work and can be useful for the organization in the future.


Print the report on A4 sheets. Do not use fanciful fonts and character sizes below 12. Number the pages. If the volume of the report is large, print a table of contents on a separate sheet that will help you navigate in the text. Complete the cover sheet and place the report in the folder.

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