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How to compose rap


How to compose rap</a>

Probably, every fan of rap music dreams to learn how to compose and read it just like the stars of world size do.

The basis of rap, like any other poetic work, is rhyme.

However, in rhyme rhymes are much more difficult, besides the reading must fit into a certain rhythm and carry a fair amount of meaning.



To begin with, try to rhyme any words,Coming to mind. You can include any bit or, at worst, a metronome, the main thing is not to rush. Quick reading is not obtained immediately, it all comes with experience.


When rhyme will not cause difficulties, try to come up with texts with meaning. And, of course, do not forget the bit.


Gradually try to combine both tact, and meaning, and rhyme into a single whole.


Speaking of rhymes. Beginners of MC practice better on simple rhymes, when there is only one rhyming word in the line and it is at the end of the line. Such rhymes are also used by freestylers, as there is always time to think. The more practice, the more difficult rhymes become. In order to make the texts diverse, MC uses internal rhymes, that is, rhyming words are inside the string itself. The use of such schemes will add to the texts imagery and energy. As you improve, start experimenting with complex rhymes? They rhyme more than one syllable. It is more difficult to compose these rhymes, but such rhymes bring variety to the text and improve the quality of the text.

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