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How to write a rap

How to write a rap

Probably every fan of rap music wants to learn to write and read it in the same way as do the world stars.

The basis of rap, as well as any other poetic works are the rhymes.

However, rap rhymes is much more difficult, to the same reading of should contain a certain rhythm and carry a fair amount of sense.



For starters try to rhyme any wordcome to mind. You can include any bits or, at worst, a metronome, the main thing - do not hurry. Fast reading of turns out not once, all comes with experience.


When the rhyme will not cause difficulties, try to come up with the meaning of the texts. And, of course, do not forget about a bit.


Gradually try to combine both tact and sense and rhyme together.


Speaking of rhymes. MC beginners to practice better on simple rhymes, when there is only one line rhyming word and worth it in the end. These are rhymes and freestyle, as there is always time to think. The more you practice, the more difficult it becomes rhyme. In order to make a variety of texts, using the MC internal rhyme, ie rhyming words are within the string. The use of such schemes add to the text of the imagery and energy. With the improvement, start experimenting with complex rhymes? in which more than one syllable rhymes. To prepare the rhyme difficult, but these rhymes bring the text of the variety and improve the quality of the text.

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