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How to write a rap

How to write a rap

Composing poetry has recently become fashionable? and every day, this trend is only gaining momentum.

However, not all texts of young talents are commendable, they often represent only a set of rhymed words and a complete lack of sense.

Try to understand how to write an interesting rap lyrics.

You will need

  • - inspiration
  • - notebook
  • - Pen or pencil



The most important thing - is to choose the theme of the text. There is no need to invent. Rap? This street music, and therefore the texts, as well as any other poetry, must come from the heart. They should be about what has become painful. Again, to rap was interesting to many, the topic may not only be a personal experience, although they can be expressed by saying that they will affect the hearts of people. And remember that a good text may be little or no rhyme, but without meaning it can not be.


Then we start to pick up rhymes. It is important to move away from the cliche, in other words, to get rid of the most obvious and hackneyed rhymes. If the way? Gun? comes to mind only? edge ?, then you can not continue. If there are other options, you need to select the most original. Do not forget the slant rhyme. The main thing is that the listener was surprised.


Rhyme can both adjacent lines, and througha line or two. You can rhyme within the same line through the word or several words in a row. Harder rhyme row? here all the words in a line should rhyme with the words of the neighboring lines.


Overall, this is all that is necessary for writinggood rap text. It is also important not to forget about the bat? written text must clearly fit into the rhythm. Since the rap? This modern piece of accent verse tonic versification, with the right composition packed in a bit it will be easy. It is important to remember that rap is based on the quantitative equality of the stresses in a row, with the intervals between the stressed syllables can be arbitrary.

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