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How to write a prescription


How to write a prescription</a>

An injunction is a legal document that requires a natural or legal person to perform certain actions.

Failure to comply with the requirements may lead to punishment.



Use the special form to compilePrescriptions. It can be found on the Internet or obtained from a judicial body or audit organization. In the upper right part of the document, after the word "From", indicate the full name of the auditing organization or the full name of the authorized person in the genitive case. Below in the dative case, write the name of the organization or the full name of the person to whom this instruction is sent.


Enter the name in the middle of the pageDocument - "Order". Below and in the same way, put the current date and document number after the word "from". In the body of the order, give the reasons for its preparation, for example, due to the failure of a person or organization to perform certain actions. In doing so, follow the Russian law to verify the validity of your claims and take into account the possible force majeure circumstances under which the requirements of the inspection commission are considered null and void.


List the actions that a person orThe organization is obliged to fulfill, and specify the terms necessary for this. Report the penalties that will be applied to a person or organization if the order is not executed. Bring excerpts of relevant legislative acts of the Russian Federation to give the document legal force.


Make a prescription in triplicate. The first of these remains with the inspecting organization, the second is left by its authorized representative, and the third is sent to the inspected enterprise. All three copies must be certified by the seal of the supervisory organization and the signature of its authorized representative. You can send the order to the inspected enterprise either by mail or hand it to the head or the person representing him personally.

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