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How to write a prescription

How to write a prescription

The prescription is a legal document required of a person or entity to perform certain actions.

Failure to do so may result in charges against a penalty.



Use special form to compileprescriptions. It can be found on the internet or get a judicial authority or testing organization. In the upper right part of the document after the word "from" enter the full name of the testing organization or the name of the authorized person in the genitive case. Below, in the dative write the name of the organization or person's name, which is sent to the requirement.


Indicate in the central part of page titledocument - "Regulations". Below and just a penny put after the word "from" the current date and the document number. The body of regulations to inform the cause of its preparation, for example, in connection with the failure of a person or entity of certain actions. In this case refer to the Russian legislation, to check the validity of your claims and consider the possible force majeure, in which the demands put forward by the audit committee shall be deemed null and void.


List the actions that person orthe organization must fulfill, and enter the required time for this. Tell a penalty to be applied to a person or organization, if the order is not executed. Here are excerpts of the relevant legislation of the Russian Federation to make the document legal force.


Compose a prescription in triplicate. The first one is from the organization carrying out checks, the second leaves her authorized representative, and the third is sent to the inspected enterprise. All three copies must be compulsorily stamped supervisory organization and signed by its authorized representative. To send an order to the enterprise can be inspected by mail or give it to the manager or the person representing his interests personally.

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