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How to write a poem for congratulations on the marriage

How to write a poem for congratulations on the marriage

Feted the newlyweds in verse form wasgood traditions: those congratulations, adjusted and trained, successful heard during celebrations, in contrast to the inept toast when congratulating painfully trying to pick up an impromptu speech befitting the occasion.

Of course, one can find poetic greetings,already created by someone of the many writers on the Internet open spaces or in special collections, but it will not have the sincerity and targeted requests, in written personally. Moreover, if the author's greeting, there is no possibility to get into an uncomfortable situation when "your" words have to be read out by someone.


Contents of wedding congratulations, usually traditional. They can:
- Note the solemnity and importance of such events as brakosochetanie-
- Mention of the merits of the bride and groom
- We add wishes and farewell to a long and happy life together.
If desired, this traditional "set" can bediversify mention of newlyweds parents, future heirs and so on. It can be woven into the fabric of congratulations to any wedding beautiful legend, but it is worth doing only if you are confident in their poetic abilities.
It is necessary to make sure that the praise forsomeone else did not seem ambiguous and wishes - too formulaic and preachy. And here's a bit of good humor, of course, make greeting more lively and memorable.

The form

Do not make poetic message of the youngtoo long: even reading the extremely talented poem printed on several sheets, you run the risk of tiring and honeymooners and guests. Wedding - a dynamic event, fun, and even the best of congratulations should not take too much time.
Of course, nobody has the right to require suchworks perfect literary form, but it should take care of that in a congratulatory poem respected even an approximate rhythm, rhyme and lines were - so your masterpiece will be better perceived by ear.
And besides, you need to think about the designhis literary congratulatory address. Written on a beautiful card and decorated themselves on quality paper, perhaps with the use of photos, drawings, so congratulations to take its rightful place in the wedding album, bridal, and serve as an excellent reminder of the happy event in their lives and about the author, who devoted their wedding so warm and kind words .

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