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How to write a message on a cell phone

How to write a message on a cell phone

SMS - a versatile way to keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones.

To write a message on the phone, you can use one of the easiest ways.



If there is enough money onaccount, you can write a message using your cell phone. Go to the Messages section and select the sub-menu that is responsible for creating a new SMS. Enter the text, and then dial the number in international format and click on the "Submit" button. Keep in mind that writing message will cost more cheaply, if you will write in the Latin alphabet - so you can use more characters.


Use the official websites of the operators. In this case, to send a message, you will need to know the operator to which the subscriber number is attached. Go to the site and then use a search engine or site map to find the form of sending free SMS. Enter the number to which you want to send a message, and the message text. After that you are required to enter a verification number. Next, click on the "Submit" button.


You can also use the function of sendingmessages using instant messengers that support this feature, such as icq or mail.agent. Consider this opportunity to mail.agent example. Go to the website and download the mail.ru mail.agent program. Install and run it. At the entrance you will be required login and password box on mail.ru. Get it if you do not have it, otherwise just sign in using the login and password. Add a new contact for calls and SMS, then you can send an email notification.


As a backup, you canuse informal sending sms services such as smsmes.com. Driving to work with them - is the same as from the official site, the only drawback is that these services do not guarantee delivery of SMS, so can only be regarded as a fallback.

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