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How to write a letter to the mayor of Moscow

How to write a letter to the mayor of Moscow

Russian legislation is intended to protect the rights of citizens. If you are in a situation where your eyes shamelessly violated the law, you can write about it to the mayor of Moscow.

To do this, you need to know how and what to write in the letter.



The easiest way to write to the mayor of Moscow -use the services of the Internet portal of the Government of Moscow (mos.ru). Go to the home page and click on the top right button red "Feedback". On the new page, select the entire list of "Electronic reception".


On the next page you will be offered availablewith the general rules of admission letters and the order of their consideration. Pay attention to what rules should be observed to ensure your letter is not ignored. For example, are not permitted threats and profanity, and the Moscow City Government does not respond to questions that are not related to its authority. After reading the text, click the link at the end of the page, "Yes."


Fill in all required fields, which are markedan asterisk (*). Enter information about yourself or organization on whose behalf the accessing, summarize the essence of your writing, that it be forwarded to the competent person in the matter.


Write, in which organs you have already applied forusing and apply the necessary electronic documents as evidence or a good example. Please note that the attached file should be the format: txt, doc, rtf, xls, pps, ppt, pdf, jpg, bmp, png, tif, gif, pcx and not exceed 5 MB.


Wait for an e-mail to the box, which you specified on this resource. This message must contain the confirmation and status of your application. The answer you will get to the same email address.


Write a letter to the mayor of the paper. The address you need to specify on the envelope: 125032, Moscow, ul. Tverskaya, house 13. In the line "someone" enter: Sergey Sobyanin. In the sender field indicates the address to which you want to get the answer. To be safe, take your own letter to the same address in the room number 103, entrance number 5. Make a copy of the letter to receive the stamp of receipt of the document.


Letter from the mayor of Moscow can be sent, and so oncalled "personal pager." Call number (495) 620-27-00 and report information about yourself, describe briefly the problem and tell you already had a chance to apply to any instance. This line operates around the clock.

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