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AS write a letter bailiffs

How to write a letter to bailiffs

The bailiff is an officer,which carries out the enforcement of decisions and judgments. To date, this type of activity completely regulated by the Russian legislation.

On the rights and duties of a bailiff, you can see by opening the relevant law.



If you want to apply ora petition to the bailiff, then it can be done only by means of a letter issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of official correspondence between the parties to litigation. To properly write letterCheck out a good example, which can be found in almost any room of the court.


To write letter bailiff, take a blank sheet of A4 paper and a pen. In the upper right corner of the post name and address of the organization to which you are sending letter. Also, a little below, write your name, initials and residence address. If necessary, write your post.


Then, in a letter to explain the essence of the issue in detail ora request with which you turn to a bailiff. At the end of the text to the right place after your signature, the date of the letter to the left of writing. And send spare letter with the notification.


In some cases, apply to any letteradditional documents or credit card details. It all depends on the subject matter that you raise in the letter. Bailiff sure to get your letter and promptly notify you taken action after its receipt.


If you still could not write their own letter bailiffs, consult your legal company, which is engaged in the provision of such services. They can help you make letter according to the rules and standards of the Russian legislation. correctness of registration letter It will help you achieve the desired result. Remember that sending letter necessary only as a last resort, when you can not give him the petition personally.


The system of bailiffs is well established in our country. sending letter in any city, you can be confident that your letter not only reach, but also the federal lawsuitBailiff do everything possible to solve your problem. This profession can be very dangerous, so in some cases, the destination they are accompanied by police outfit.

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