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How to write a letter concluded

People serving their sentences in prisonsfreedom, often in great need of support from loved ones, they need to communicate with friends and family, it helps them to resist the pressure of the system and does not feel completely isolated.

To help in this are the letters that they receive from loved ones.



The first thing to understand that there are two stages of conclusion: the detention center and the area is, accordingly, the place of pre-trial detention and prisons.

Letter to jail

Internal Rules of the Investigationinsulator prisoners are allowed to send and receive emails in an unlimited amount of sending and receiving is carried out by the prisoners through the administration.


Naturally, the correspondence is censored, thethere is a special person (censor) reads the letter and make a decision, obtain the opinion of a letter or not. Therefore, try to write letters more philistine nature, do not write about some details of the case, especially for some activity within the article of the Criminal Code, as it may be used against the recipient.


Remember that through the people who read the letter,information can get to the investigators, prosecutors, and hence, it can adversely affect the sentencing or simply prevent prisoners. Do not write information relating to communication facilities, are prohibited in prison (eg, mobile number).


By letters do not use photos or drawingsfrivolous nature, the main thing - is the observance of the internal rules of the detention center and norms of the Criminal Code (erotic, for example, in prisons is forbidden).


Remember, if you have something to put into the envelope, theto make sure that the recipient will get it really, do inventory investment. By the way, do not be amiss to invest in a letter more clean envelopes and stamps, as they are in jail almost its weight in gold.


Letter to the zone

In this case, no significant differences on the order of correspondence with the prisoner in jail is not, although it is possible to pay attention to the following points.

Censor in the zone can not be a police officer, andone of the prisoners. This is not usually order, and the situation in which the chief among the prisoners, "looking", solves most of the problems of the internal life. Where the authority, as expected, is in the hands of staff, the rules are as strict as in the detention center. In reply, and I'll see you in any type of institution was your relative or friend: letters from the zones of the first type are relatively presentation freedom can be found attacks on the prison administration, the description of the living conditions. Other letters are written almost a "carbon copy" and only that bored that reformed, realized and others.

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