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How to write a letter on financial assistance

How to write a letter on financial assistance

In large enterprises employees can receive financial assistance from the employer.

For this employee of the organization need to write an application for financial assistance.

The first person of the company disposes of its payment or non-payment at their discretion, as material aid is not included in the remuneration system specialist.

You will need

  • - Appropriate forms dokumentov-
  • - Print predpriyatiya-
  • - Documents organizatsii-
  • - Documents rabotnika-
  • - Documents certifying the cause of material assistance.



Financial aid is a one-timecharacter, and the employee has the right to lay claim to its payment in connection with serious family circumstances. The cap statements write the full name of the organization in accordance with the constituent documents or the surname, name, patronymic of the individual, if the employer is an individual entrepreneur. Enter the position held by the first person of his last name, first name in the dative.


Enter your job title, the name ofstructural unit in which you are decorated in accordance with the labor laws, your last name, first name, in accordance with an identification document, in the genitive case.


After heading statements express your requestthe provision of material assistance to you, write the reason why you need it. The reasons for the payment of financial assistance may be a wedding, birth of a child, death of a close relative.


Put your personal signature and date of writingstatements. Attach to the application the document certifying the reason for the provision of material assistance to you. This may be a marriage certificate, birth certificate, certificate of death of a close relative, and other documents.


Director of the company is considering your applicationand makes a decision on payment or non-financial assistance. In the case of a positive decision the head of the company shall issue an order for payment of your financial assistance, which is assigned a number and a date. The content of the document points to the first person of the organization's name, first name, position the employee who needs to pay the financial assistance, the term of its payment and the amount of cash. The director puts his signature, the document confirms the company's seal.


By order of accountant charges you the amount you relying material assistance and provides for the disbursement vouchers.

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