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How to write a lesson plan in English

How to write a lesson plan in English

English language - a means of international communication. This item is one of the most important in school, specifying the level of education.

How to write a lesson plan in English and what methods can be used for better assimilation of information.



Standard lesson time (45 minutes) is necessaryto use as efficiently as possible. Each student in the class should be able to work out four important skills: speaking, listening, reading and written language. The lesson should be of a permanent change of activity - or the concentration of class attention will weaken, and the efficiency of employment decline.


It makes sense the most important and quite boring forchildren grammar rules take on the beginning of the lesson - children are not tired and ready to get "information strike". Make sure that for every rule there was an example that clearly demonstrates it. rules explanation Time: 3-5 minutes.


To consolidate the grammar and skills developmentLetters need to provide relevant offers that are suitable to illustrate the study of law. You can ask the students to do the job on the board and in the notebook. It will help the job scheduling availability Activity Book - a special notebook with grammatical tasks. It is advisable to take on this job for 10-15 minutes, to activate the "motor" (written) memory.


Difficult task, but useful and necessary forimprove speaking, listening is an English speech. Make the lesson 5-10 minutes studying audio materials plan - and the result will not take long. You can use cassettes attached to the textbook, special short podcasts (eg, BBC English or ESL - English Second Language).


To memorable (bringing positiveemotions) has been training in reading, choose an interesting, informative, funny texts from various fields of life. Reading by roles help develop speaking skills. On reading it is desirable to take most of the time - 20-25 minutes.


Videos are effective in the work, but only inif used properly. Viewing long film in English without subtitles and accompanying texts is possible only with a high level of initial training of children. Otherwise, the children simply lose the thread of the plot, will make noise and distractions. The use of short clips, mini-series will solve the problems with concentration.

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