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How to write a headline that will strike the reader

How to write a headline that will strike the reader

Often readers will miss the really good article, simply because they are hidden behind inconspicuous titles.

Come up with enticing headline - is an art, not less difficult than to write an interesting text.



Come up with a title - not an easy task. It should attract the reader's attention, to interest him so much that he had read the article titled. Accordingly, the title has to be catchy, concise and informative. At the same time it should intrigue the reader, make him read the whole article. There are several tricks to create an eye-catching headline.


Your headline should match the contenttext. Try to find in his article, the most important and interesting information. It is necessary to use it in the header, however, so that the reader wanted to know the details in the text. If you are in the header pass the entire contents of the main article, read it, no one will.


Using of interrogative words title"How", "why", "why" increases its attractiveness. An article submitted in the form of an answer to a specific question, interested in increasing the number of readers than would draw the text, which is the abstract reasoning on some topic.


Do not be afraid to scare or shock the reader. Human psychology is such that hot terrifying facts and details rather attract attention than a scare. Of course, a certain percentage of people, this approach annoying, but their number is insignificant in comparison with those for whom the shocking headline - a necessary element of the article. Just look at the circulation of "tabloid" to understand that the "fried facts" are still in the price.


It is important to learn how to write short captions. If the main idea of ​​the text does not fit in one sentence, try to split it into two, but at the same time try not to abuse the adjective. Use the most simple structures, "an adjective, a noun, a verb."


Correctly use punctuation marks. Using the title dashes, for example, will give it an extra emotional and sharpness and increase its attractiveness. By the way, do not forget that the point at the end of the header is not necessary, but if you want to emphasize the importance of the message or ask a question, feel free to finish the title of exclamation or question mark.


Finally, keep in mind that even the bestheader is not able to save a bad story. If the main text is bored with errors, overloaded technical terms, it is unlikely someone to finish it.

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