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How to Write a guy that he left behind

How to write the guy that he left behind

Cute and interesting girl is sometimes difficult to fend off persistent fans that can exasperate their messages on the Internet, and calls smskami.

In these cases, you should give a firm rejection so that the guy behind.



Do not ignore the messages, calls and other signsattention from the fan, as it is unlikely to stop its attempts to attract attention and can only further provoke. But while not in a hurry to go on contact and respond to each message. Get your act, if the guy turns to you for the second or third time.


Look what a fan wants. Most often, young people are turning to the girls with a proposal to meet or meet. Thus, they want to initiate the future of a serious relationship. Also, the guy can be configured on a normal, companionship. But often all sorts of lewd suggestions and even threats that must be stopped first.


If a guy wants to just talk and be friends withyou write or tell him on the phone at the moment you are not interested in friendship. Complete your failure of one or more reasons. Say that you are happy in the company of his friends and did not want to expand your social circle. You can also refer to a strong employment or the lack of common interests, for example, if the guy you wrote in the social network, and you have the opportunity to view his page.


Upon receipt of the offer to meet and engageloving relationship boldly answer that your heart is already taken, even if it is not. If the guy was too insistent, explaining that he does not fit your ideal, and you do not like his looks, character, interests, etc.


On the indecent proposals and threat threateninterlocutor in response that such acts are prosecuted, and if he did not stop them, you pass the conversation to the police. Also, you can add that will write a complaint resource administration, where there is a dialogue, or inform your network operator.

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