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How to write a demo hltv

How to write a demo hltv

To create your own video, based on moments of the game Counter-Strike, you must first record a demo of the gameplay.

To do this, you need to take into account several features.

You will need

  • - Counter-Strike-
  • - Fraps.



Please download and install the Counter-Strike game. This is necessary for recording and playback demo. Start hltv.exe file and type the command connect, where the numbers represent the server IP-address and its port.


Now type the command record namedemo. Immediately after pressing the Enter key to start recording hltv-demo gameplay. To stop recording, stop, type the command and press Enter.


Now run Counter-Strike game and type inConsole command viewdemo name. Wait a while until the full progruz. Now select the right player or location. Rewind by using the scroll bar hltv-recording until the right moment.


Minimize the game. Install Fraps program. Adjust the settings of this utility. Launch it and then click the General tab. Remove the check mark from the item Fraps window always on top. This allows to hide window if necessary. Now open the FPS tab. Remove the check box next to Stop benchmark automatically, if you do not want the video is automatically disconnected after a certain period of time.


Now open the Movies tab. If you need to record the sound during the game, then check the box next to the parameter Record Sound. Find item Full-size and activate it. Set the value of the frames per second of recording video. It recommends use 99 FPS, because it is so much gives the game Counter-Strike.


Now simply turn the program Fraps. Run the right time demo and press the F9 key to start recording video. To stop recording, press F9 again. The program automatically creates file names, so you can not be afraid that some of the recorded titles will be erased or overwritten. Advance free up space on your hard drive if you want to create a big enough video.

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