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How to write a concept

How to write a concept

Many of us dream to open a business, toonly work on yourself, to be the master of yourself and decide what hours to work, and in which to rest. But in order to open a business, you need to know what you will do and write the project concept.

This is the first step to creating your own business empire or the conclusion of an important transaction.

You will need

  • - Notebook
  • - A pen



To write conceptFirst of all you need to decidebusiness idea. To do this, think about what you are best to understand, highlight your strengths, write down a few ideas and projects, which, in your opinion, you would be able to bring to life.


Within a few days, think about all the pros andcons of each come up with ideas, think for how it can be profitable, select the target audience of the project, look for information about competitors, their experiences, etc. Based on these data, select one business idea.


Once you have decided on a business idea, it's time to think about it detailed concept. First and foremost, decide who your target audience is, what specific services you can offer to her than you are different from your competitors, etc.


The next step is a detailed conceptis the creation of timing, in other words, your project schedule. What will you do, in what order, and what results you expect to achieve at a certain stage of the launch of the project?


Display in the concept of all possible risks,associated with the project: legal, political, competitive, etc. Evaluation and mapping of risks will help to adequately assess the value of your ideas and projects.


Prescribe to the entire staff of the concept that you will need for the project. Calculate all possible personnel costs and the required specialized personnel.


Calculate the estimated budget of the project concept,at least for the first year: how much you plan to spend and on what, and do you think will be able to earn something? This information will be very important for a potential investor of the project, as well as for you.

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