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How to write a concept


How to write a concept</a>

Many of us dream of opening our own business toWork only for themselves, be their own master and decide at what hours to work, and in which ones to rest. But to open your business, you need to know what you will do and write the concept of the project.

This is the first step to creating your own business empire or making an important deal.

You will need

  • - Notepad
  • - A pen



To write The concept of, First of all it is necessary to be defined withBusiness idea. To do this, think about what you know best, highlight your strengths, write down some ideas and projects that, in your opinion, you would be able to implement.


Within a few days, consider all the pluses andMinuses of each invented idea, estimate how much it can be profitable, allocate the target audience of the project, look for information about competitors, their experience, etc. Based on this data, select one business idea.


Once you have decided on the business idea, it's time to think about its detailed The concept of. First of all, decide who your target audience is, what specific services you can offer for it, how you differ from competitors, etc.


The next step of the detailed conceptIs the creation of timing, in other words, the timetable of your project. What will you do, in what order, and what results do you plan to achieve at any stage of the project launch?


Display in the concept all possible risks,Related to the project: legislative, political, competitive, etc. Evaluation and display of risks will help to adequately assess the value of your idea and project.


Describe in the concept all the personnel that you need to implement the project. Calculate all possible staffing costs and the required specialization of employees.


Calculate the estimated project budget in the concept,At least for the first year: how much do you plan to spend and what, and do you think that you will be able to earn something? This information will be very important for both the potential investor of the project and for you.

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