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How to write a claim for consumer protection

How to write a claim for consumer protection

Receiving poor quality services or buying low-quality goods, any citizen has the right to contact the supplier or manufacturer of the complaint or the requirement to resolve the situation.

Correctly filling out a claim for consumer protection, it is possible to significantly reduce the time and costs of the moral approval of the document.



Make a claim in writing typewrittenor handwritten way. In the upper right corner of a clean face, specify the name of the organization (the recipient) to which you are applying, position and surname of the head or the authorized person. Below write their data - the initials and last name, zip code, street address, phone for communication.


At the center of the new line write the name"Claim" document. The text of the message, specify in what place, at what time and what kind of a low-quality product / service you have purchased or received. Indicate the amount you spent. List the documents confirming transactions (goods and cash receipts, bills of lading or other documents of strict accountability). Also, evidence may speak and testify.


Describe your claim. As can be more clearly identifying what, in your opinion, in a product or service does not meet the stated requirements. If, due to poor quality stuff, the product acts incident occurred, indicate the fact of the incident. This can be a traffic accident, poisoning, being late, resulting in serious consequences, etc. List the documents (eg, certificates, statements of medical history, aircraft or railway tickets), confirming the above facts. In the case of oral complaints to the supplier or manufacturer to clarify and resolve the situation and failure to receive a reply from them (you give unsatisfying response), describe the circumstances of such appeals.


Make estimate incurred due to product / serviceinadequate quality losses. Provide accurate mathematical calculations. For a speedy resolution of the situation it is best to consult the experts for competent counting and registration of losses.


Write the most acceptable way for you. According to the law of protection rights of the consumer you have the right to returnvalue of the goods / services in full, to reduce cost, to receive a free repair or replace the product / service on similar. Enter the desired time frame to solve the problem.


Put the end of the claim with his signaturetranscript and indicate the date of preparation. Attach copies of the documents listed in the letter. Keep a copy of the entire set, give your claim representative of the organization under the painting.

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