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How to Write a Business

How to write a business plan

Business Plan - is the starting point of the enterprise. It shows how they will be production management, and describes ways to achieve profitability.

Business plan is needed for internal purposes,and investors and creditors to justify their confidence and convince potential companies might need to provide financial assistance and the security of investments.



The structure of the business plan should include a title page, a summary and the following sections:
- Information about the company-
- Products and services-
- Analysis of the industry ekonomiki-
- Market analysis and strategiya-
- A production plan and process-
- Organization and Management-
- financial plan-
- Riskov- analysis
- Application.


Arrange the title page: please indicate the name, address, phone company, its owners, nature of the business, the need for financing, the month and year of establishment of a business plan, the drafters of the names. Make a point about confidentiality of information.


In the "Company Info" title historyits creation, type of business, the development trend, the main objectives, achievements and challenges, strengths and weaknesses, methods of accounting and reporting processes, security system.


In the section "Products and Services" reflectfeatures of manufactured products and services, provide the range, its costs and profitability, strategic opportunities and expansion plans.


Then make a detailed analysis of the industryeconomy in which we operate your business. Describe the maturity and the nature of competition in the industry, innovation and technological change, regulation and economic trends.


Pay special attention to marketing analysis andstrategy, because they show the possibilities of the company and the product's ability to reach the target market. Reflect market share which your company takes on the scale of the city, region, country. Describe in detail the competitors, their strengths, weaknesses and prospects.


Analyze sales by segment andcustomers. Calculate the cost of marketing, set out the principles of pricing. Imagine a strategy customer sales and service planning, plans, advertising and promotion of products and services on the market.


The following section describe the productionprocess, quality control procedures of products, raw material needs and the associated costs. Specify the major suppliers, the history of relations with them, and basic conditions for cooperation. Note the presence of own or leased industrial premises, equipment, staff provides information on: the number of skilled workers with specialized education, the level of wages, the need to attract new staff.


The head of the business plan "Organization and Management"It should contain information on the form of ownership (LLC, JSC, Inc., etc.), the main participants and shareholders. Include details of top managers: their education, professional experience, achievements and responsibilities.


The section "Financial Plan" is aa quantitative assessment of the business plan: the expected value of sales, costs, cash flow and the forward-looking statements. This part of the business project should be presented as fully as possible with the above calculations, tables, charts, etc. Apply for financial plan in the form of the following documents:
- Balance sheets and profit and loss statement for the last 3-5 years old-
- Cash flow statement and change kapitala-
- Bezubytochnosti- analysis
- The forecast balance sheets, profit and loss, cash flow for the period of the investment of the project is
- Calculation of indicators of efficiency of the project and its okupaemosti-
- Past, current and projected financial ratios.


In the next step, analyze the potential risks that may arise due to changes in the industry, the market, the economic situation in the country, consider ways to minimize them.


Then summarize the information in the summary: summarize the main ideas, goals and results of the business plan. It should be written in such a way to convince investors about the project in detail. Note: The summary is made in the last turn, but placed at the beginning of the business plan.


Attach to the draft documents that mayInvestor interest: data on market analysis, product specifications, photos, handouts, summaries of top managers, contracts, letters of recommendation.

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