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How to write a better resume


How to write a better resume</a>

Your communication with a future employer begins when your resume is before it.

The way you show yourself in this document, can lead to failure even before the appointment of the interview or vice versa, will draw attention to your candidacy.

Correct, competent summaries? Almost art, but there are a number of universal rules that will help you master it, and therefore, to get closer to what you want? Get the job that interests you.



Many sites, focused on the search and offer of work, offer their sample forms summary, Which you need to fill. Compare several options, choose the one that seems to you the most successful and suitable exactly for the specifics of your post.


First of all, be sure to introduce yourself,Indicate your contact information. Do not be too lazy to check their accuracy and reliability. Specify the email address from which you are going to send summary.


Specify the specific position you are applying for. Do not write vague phrases in the hope that the employer from his vacancies will find you suitable.


In the section "Education?" Indicate all courses, internships, competitions, in which you participated. Start with the main, most revealing.


In the section "Work experience? First your last job should be indicated, then write down the remaining posts in the reverse chronological order. Do not write in this section about those positive qualities that you showed during this time, specify only the place, time, position and your responsibilities.


If you do not have the experience of working directly in theThis area, indicate your practical, term papers, theses. This will give the employer an idea of ​​your experience, whereas an empty graph will not tell you anything about it.


In the special column, specify additionalInformation about yourself that will help the employer navigate your candidacy: indicate the level of fluency in foreign languages, computers, office equipment, the availability of driver's licenses, and other. Even if these skills are not directly related to your future position, owning them will be a plus for you.


Pointing out your personal qualities in summary, Pay attention to what the employee requires of this position. Do not ascribe to yourself non-existent qualities, but think about what your traits will be especially valuable at this place of work.

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