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WRAP home

Wraps at home

This procedure greatly helps bring skin to the desired result, reduce stretch marks and their number, as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Enough to hold a small number of wraps to feel the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

options wraps

Wrap with honey. To carry out this procedure is sufficient to take four tablespoons of honey without the slides, melt it in a water bath, and add three drops of orange and tangerine essential oils.

An excellent result has wrap with coffee. Caffeine is characterized by the ability to break down fat deposits. To prepare the desired composition take five tablespoons of ground organic coffee, add to it the warmed milk and mixed to obtain a slurry.

To prepare the chocolate composition to wrap the need to connect the two hundred grams of cocoa and half a liter of boiled water, preferably warm.

Prepared according to one of the aboverecipes composition for the procedure is applied to areas of the body that need to be refined, and tightly wrap them with cling film. On top put on warm clothes.

Duration of treatment should be not less than twenty-five minutes, during which time can be relaxed to lie or to do household chores, do not require high activity.

Once held the required time, gently remove the plastic wrap, wash off with warm water mixture, further rubbing the skin with circular motions.

Moisturizes the skin nourishing cream after the procedure is not required, as the ingredients used are saturated and feed it to the required quantity.

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