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WORSHIP fragrances Chanel

Religious fragrances Chanel

Name Chanel - is synonymous with classic elegance and femininity, despite the fact that, in fact, Gabrielle Chanel was a revolutionary and violated all possible rules.

However, that is why in our minds it is firmly associated with the inviolable laws of fashion and style, which is followed by millions of women.

Religious items are bags, powder and perfume course - in every epoch the famous fashion house gave shoppers a scent that instantly became an epoch in perfumery.

Chanel №5 - This is the starting point of all modern perfumery,almost a standard that is calibrated harmony and beauty of this fragrance. The story of how in 1921, a sample of a fragrant blend, the number of numbered favorite Coco Chanel became a legend, known for probably every woman. Cold and clear as alpine lake, Grassky bouquet of rose, jasmine and aldehydes is not easy to tame, but it generated "five" magnetism is difficult to exchange for something more flexible and affordable. Love it truly becomes eternal.

Chanel №19, Published in "spirits" of concentration in 1970 -another "license" scent is as controversial as beautiful. Perfume belongs to the family of green chypre, bouquet of roses, iris, vetiver and moss can be dry and bitter, but can - moist and sweet, fragrant as a rose bush after rain. By the way, the most suitable weather for Chanel №19 - soft cool or light frost, in which the flavor becomes a crystal. This perfume - the introvert who does not need to prove their worth, because it is obvious.

Modern women have at their undivided ownership of a new fetish - another chypre, mixed on a note of patchouli, Coco Mademoiselle. He combined classic piercing"Fragrant" Chanel fragrances all at home, but it is more adapted to the olfactory perception of our days. However, it is still the same willful Great Mademoiselle - in the same hands, or rather, on one wrist, it will be revealed in all its glory favorite roses from Grasse, in the other case - raw treacherous dungeon patchouli.

Separately, it should be said about the whole of the cult series - Les Exclusifs de Chanel. The range includes a number of works republished Chanel 20s. XX century and a number of new compositions created in the best traditions of the fashion house.

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