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How to work with the team to Oriflame

How to work with the team to Oriflame

Inviting people to his team of the company Oriflame, you will notice that after a while, many consultants are disabled, and some do go into a different structure.

This is due to many reasons, which can be avoided by some simple rules solyudaya business.



Work with parnёrami should start from the moment of their registration.
As soon as you come in the mail a notice of the opener in your structure - please contact him on the phone mperva.
During the telephone conversation, ask about the purpose of becoming a consultant (buy yourself, sale or construction business).
Tell that you send vsyuneobhodimuinformation on how to place orders and receive the Dark by e-mail. If you can meet in person - always invited to the meeting, nak Otori slide presentation "Oriflame opportunity."

meeting with a consultant


Once you have established contact with a novice,send an informative letter describing held in current events, their timing and benefit from participation. Important: in the letter do not provide links to the official website of the company and say that there is all the information. Summarize the essence of any bonus program, attach the appropriate picture with the conditions, as was done in the "News" section in your account.

current shares


When working with a group you should try to save every your partner a nice touch.
In this case it is recommended to start and endEach directory to send notices to all its consultants, in which you talk about the period of the catalog of action where it can be viewed online, promotions and newsletters


Group training should not be limited to phone and e-mail.
Conduct webinars with his team at least once in the catalog on various topics ranging from proper use of cosmetic products, to build a career and a review of wellness opportunities.
Prior to these meetings several times potreneruytes necessarily, to feel your confidence and zapinatsya in speaking and answering questions of consultants.


Spend small competitions among members of the group.
You can use standard techniques, such as: ask participants to write a letter about their work with Oriflame and the results achieved, or received benefits. Three best you can send certain types of cosmetics or perfume water.
Participants will understand that you care about them, and in the following competitions will participate actively.

Work with the team

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