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How to work with polymer clay


How to work with polymer clay</a>

Polymer clay - a wonderful plastic material, from which you can make an infinite number of a variety of beautiful gizmos.

It's quite easy to work with it, about the same way as sculpting from plasticine, that's why it will be pleasant for adults and children to play with plastic.

You will need

  • - a set of polymer clay-
  • - mirror or glass-
  • - stationery knife-
  • - toothpick-
  • - bake-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - a varnish on a water basis.



Get the polymer clay. On sale there is a material of different manufacturers. For beginners, a set of the brand "Tsvetik", "Hobby", "Artifact", etc. is suitable. This polymer clay is produced in Russia, so it is relatively inexpensive. Experienced masters recommend working with polymer clay Fimo, Cernit and Sculpey.


Prepare a glass or mirror surface. It can be any piece of glass or mirror placed on a table. Take a piece of plastic, tear off the necessary amount of clay from it and start kneading it in your hands, when the material softens enough, proceed to modeling.


The simplest thing is to make beads, from which you can make a necklace, necklace or bracelet. Roll the softened plastic into the sausage on the glass. Cut it into pieces of the same size.


From each piece form a ball or cylinder. Use a toothpick to make a hole in the middle of the part. A toothpick can be invoiced: points and lines.


To make multi-colored beads, doSausages from plastic of different colors. For this you can use clay of several shades. Then twist them into a tourniquet and roll them back into the sausage. Make the beads as described above.


You can fashion beads of absolutely different shapes. To do this, roll the polymer clay into a sheet (for this you can use, for example, a vial of deodorant) with a thickness of 0.5-1 cm and cut out the details of the required shape. Make a hole in each of them with a toothpick.


The texture of the beads is applied by stamping. To do this, use a variety of objects with texture, for example, walnut, bead with a beautiful textured pattern, a sponge or a brush.


Begin the heat treatment of the parts. On the packaging of polymer clay there is a detailed instruction on the baking of plastics. Since each species has its own characteristics, it is necessary to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer clearly.


After baking, take out the baking tray with blanksAnd allow them to cool completely. Then proceed to further processing. Sand off any irregularities with sandpaper, rinse under running water to remove dust and dirt.


The product can be painted with acrylic paints orGouache. After drying the paint, cover the beads with water based varnish. This will give them a special shine. String beads on a waxed thread or a hat band.

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