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Feng Shui work: how well to find a job

Work on feng shui: how well to find a job</a>

You are busy looking for work - look through newspaper ads, call employers, go to sites devoted to employment, register with the labor exchange.

But you can not choose a job that meets all the requirements. Searches take all the forces, and you no longer believe in a favorable outcome of the matter.

But, using some methods of feng shui, you can facilitate and speed up this process.



Time-tested and many people methodsWill help in a moment to find a job that will bring you both a decent income and pleasure. You can use all the suggested methods at once, or you can stop at one thing.


So, first of all, it is necessary to clean the surroundingYou space. According to the teachings of feng shui, unnecessary things, dirt, dust block the circulation of energy. Therefore, first of all, put your house in order. Get rid of excess trash. Without regret, throw away all the unnecessary things that you have been digging in your closets for years, hand over old newspapers and magazines to the trash. Then do a wet cleaning. In this case, add a handful of salt to the floor washing water, since it has the property of absorbing any negative. The third step is purification by sound. You can just pound the bell or, even more simply, clap your hands. It is also important to follow the procedure - start to make noise, clang and clap, starting with the door and gradually moving all the rooms clockwise. Do this three times and do not stop making sounds for a second. To finish the purification it is necessary to fumigate the room with incense. Go around the house clockwise once.


After you have got rid of blockages, you canProceed with the following steps. Carry out further actions better on the growing Moon. For this ritual you will need any picture of black and white color. Experts advise that the pelican that looks right is best for these purposes. Find the north side of your kitchen and hang this picture there. But remember that the picture should be in a frame of black or silver color. If there is no suitable frame, you can draw it yourself.


And one more ritual that will fix all yourAttempts to find a suitable job. In the sector of the career of your apartment, place a glass of water in which you need to put 8 white and 1 yellow coins. It is important that the coins lay eagle up.

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