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How does the camera

How does the camera

Cameras have become the most popular gadgetsto take pictures or create videos. Modern device camera can be quite tiny and fit in the casing of mobile phone, and can reach large sizes and move only with the help of accessories.

Nevertheless, all modern cameras have the same structure and operation principle.

elements of the camera

The main elements of each digitalthe camera is a matrix, lens, shutter, viewfinder processor. additional devices (eg, memory cards, and connectors for audio or video equipment) are also widely used.
The matrix is ​​the main active element of anyphoto or video. From the characteristics of the matrix depends on the quality of the image. The device is a small plate consisting of light-sensitive sensors are grouped in a certain way. The most common elements are compiled in individual rows and columns. Total to date popular two types of matrices: CMOS and CCD. The first variety is much cheaper, but the second one provides the best image quality.
Lens modern cameras is not unlikeLens devices share a common past and a functioning principle, but often new products are smaller. Another important part of the system is a gate which performs the function of a frame for fixing it on the recording media.

electronic shutter is used in modern cameras, but in more expensive devices used and the mechanical.

The processor processes the result of the shutter,and also allows for lens control and other functions of the camera. When the screen there is a processor engaged in the construction and output image. With additional frame processing capabilities implemented, recording information and its display.

Job components during snapshot

Before pressing the shutter SLR camerasin a special way is a special mirror through which light enters the viewfinder. In the non-specular cameras light entering the lens is redirected to the matrix, and the screen displays an image that was created after the data processing board.
Use the controls (buttons)the user selects the desired settings and configuration of the device produces. Then the photographer should press the button and lower it to the first position to cause the bolt in place. This will apply all shooting settings and allow full adjustment of the matrix under the conditions of the picture.

Modern devices record images while performing the second image by the user, since the recording procedure can take quite a long time for the device.

Then when you press the shutter buttonmade fixing frame. This created image is transmitted to the camera clipboard through which the image is processed by a processor based on the settings made by the user. The received data is compressed in graphical format and recorded on the flash memory card from which they can be replayed, modified or removed.

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