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Wooden staircase: which breed to choose


In order not to be mistaken with the choice of wood forDevices of the ladder, you need to know about what the criteria for selecting the lumber exist in this case. To save on expensive breeds, some construction details can be made from softer and inexpensive ones.

Elegant staircase made of oak and larch
From what kind of tree is chosen forConstruction of the staircase, depends not only on its aesthetic appeal, but also on its durability. The reliability of the structure is ensured by the correct device and the degree of strength and durability of the wood.

What should I look for when choosing a tree?

Any lumber in terms of hardness is divided into 4 main categories:
- soft wood (all kinds of pine and spruce)
- wood of medium hardness (walnut, larch, pear)
- hard wood species (all kinds of oak, yew, ash)
- very hard wood, represented by beech

This parameter depends on how muchThe lumber is able to take nails and stick together. Despite the fact that hard wood for the ladder is most preferable, it is necessary to work with them much more carefully, as they tend to crack. Soft lumber is easier to process, but less wear-resistant. Therefore, for the manufacture of steps it is not suitable.

Spruce, pine, walnut, pear are more suitable forDetails of the staircase: railing, pillars, socks, risers and balusters. These elements of the construction are not subjected to frequent mechanical impact, so made of soft wood they are able to last long and flawlessly. For the upper part of the steps it is better to take rocks of medium and high hardness: oak, beech, black pine, yew.

Color and texture of wood for stairs

The color design solution is chosen based onGeneral interior design and style. A tree of light colors (spruce, pine, pear) is more suitable for darkened rooms. But the color of wood is not the determining factor in its choice, since there are many options for its toning. Concerning the pattern of sawn timber the situation is different: if the owner of the house wishes to leave the natural color of the tree and emphasize its texture, it is worth paying attention to larch, oak, ash. These wood species are characterized by the most favorable texture and visual appeal.

Recommendations for choosing wood for stairs

Do not choose a breed with a high contentResin. One of the most popular materials for stairs is pine. It is good for its color and texture, but not wear resistance and ease of use. It does not exactly match the tinting, the structure of this lumber is not uniform in density.

Pay attention to the degree of dryingWood. If there is a possibility, the seller should require a check for the moisture of the tree. If you buy an insufficiently dried lumber, it threatens to skew and crack the ladder during its operation.

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