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Wooden stairs for cottage construction

Wooden stairs for cottage construction

The staircase is an important decorative and functional element in the interior of a country house.

It is, in addition to the basic function of connecting the first and second floors, may well emphasize the stylistic direction of interior design.

For the manufacture of ladders used a variety of materials, but the leader among them is wood.

The material for wooden stairs

A wooden staircase brings to the atmospherecountry house feeling of comfort and warmth, but also emphasizes the good taste and wealth of owners. In addition, the tree itself is very beautiful material, which is characterized by a variety of options for the structure and colors.

The interior of your country house staircasethe tree will look amazing. After all, perhaps, there is practically no such design, where some of the wooden element has no place. Wooden stairs earned is widespread in the country building industry, that sometimes it is difficult to imagine any other device option, and the organization of the interior structure of the cottage.

A wooden staircase is also an excellentchoice in terms of the sustainability. With the right approach, the wood - a fairly reliable and durable material. High-quality processing correctly matched grades ensure stairs service for many years. After all, this wooden interior element as a ladder, and in particular, its level will be daily exposed to considerable wear and stress. Therefore, for the manufacture of ladders used hardwood only.

The highest figures are endowed with strengthwalnut, ash, teak, mahogany, wenge and some other species of exotic trees. This wood is able to show very good resistance to moisture and to all sorts of mechanical damage.

In addition, quite a good hardness have such trees as oak and beech. However, beech is a little deformed by moisture, and the oak is lightened in contact with oily liquids.

If you want to buy a ladder as cheaply as possible,pay attention to instances of conifers - pine and larch. The preference, of course, better to give larch as pine is very soft and easily deformable material.

Average characteristics to exploitation also have fruit trees, especially cherries and pear.

The final cost of the wood stairs depends on the tree species. In addition, the price may affect the size of the stairs, the number of flights, and the configuration of the decorative elements.

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The construction of wooden stairs

Stairs of wood suggest a very richvariety of designs, shapes and designs. It is no secret that any, even the most ordinary wood can be easily converted into a work of art with the help of modern paints. What can we say about the quality and valuable trees, which are often used for finishing steps.

Ready version of this product usually lookssimply superb and is the main decoration of the interior of a country house. The construction of the stairs, as well as its location in the building must be provided at the very beginning, during the construction phase. It can be made from both hardwood and using a combination of several materials. For example, wood paneled concrete steps with wrought iron fence and railings made of wood.

For decorative wood carving perform various balusters, sculptures, balustrades, also made of wood.

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Currently, modern constructionoften use screw, boosters and circular wooden stairs. But, in principle, a wooden ladder can be of a whole combination of several types of ladders. For example, combine the marching and screw spans, with reliance on the string and central column. It is necessary to take into account the fact the cake that staircase, containing in its completed form several types of structures will have all their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of each march.

Wooden stairs in a country house callregular care and handling. For processing wood requires the use of fire-retardant and anti-bacterial compound. In addition, it must cover the quality non-toxic varnish. Needless to say, steps and all the other elements of the ladder should always be smooth sanded, have all sorts of snags, cracks and chips. If all of these important things, your villa will acquire another amazing decoration.

Wooden stairs, of course, can hardly be calledindispensable. However, it is occupied by a very extensive niche in the country building. Quite often customers are attracted mostly not even affordability and ease of installation of stairs, and the possibility of, so to speak, to delay "for later" end of their finish. The structure itself can be made from cheap wood. Then, according to need, the stairs can be clad with panels of other, more valuable, elite wood. This simple little secret savings will allow a little cheaper the cost of construction of a country house and give it a special style and a sense of luxury.

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