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Wooden furniture

Wood Furniture - How to Choose the most beautiful and durable

Well chosen furniture will increase the space and make the house more comfortable. It is very important when purchasing think about the functionality, style and material.

From the variety of wood it depends on the durability of the furniture.

Choosing beautiful furniture

Furniture that you intend to usedaily, must be durable. Drawers, closets and dressers often have to open. This sort of thing is better to choose from solid wood, in the interior of such things can not save. But the furniture, which should operate as a vibrant accent, but bears no useful daily loads, can be made of less durable wood, and, just not too much money to spend on it.

Carefully inspect the furniture for knots and other defects. The easiest way to identify deficiencies on the furniture without a rich finish, so usually it is made of very high quality wood.

The choice of furniture style - quite an important stage. However, more and more owners of apartments and decorators chosen as the main eclectic aesthetic design of the interior. These word to denote a mixture of different styles. Combine and unexpected combination of dissimilar objects seems to many decorators interesting solution. Usually one interior furniture use two or three styles.

It is very important to choose the right breed of furnituretree. Different breeds have different texture, strength, color and other characteristics. Some people pick up furniture, focusing on recommendations for your zodiac sign.

wood Grades

The most durable wood species include teakand oak. Oak - wood fiber with an uneven color. On its surface, it can be seen point, speckles and stripes. Its wood is highly valued, due to the strength, durability and wear resistance. The color of wood varies from warm yellowish-brown to dark brown shade enough.

Teak - wood from India. It is often used in shipbuilding, thanks to excellent durability. It is not inferior in durability to oak. The color of this tree - yellow-brown.

Widespread walnut furniture. This wood is different in the context of an unusual pattern. Most often made of walnut perform classic style furniture. The chairs, dressers, wardrobes, tables, made of relatively dark solid wood, can be found in many homes.

Wooden furniture helps upgrade the air in the room and maintains the best humidity level.

Mahogany can be found in many luxuryinteriors. It is used for cabinet furniture, underlines the status of its owner. The homogeneous structure of the wood is reddish-brown color is much appreciated decorators.

Cherry - enough hardwoodreddish-brown or red color expressed. From cherry perform musical instruments, chests, cabinets, desks. This wood is characterized by interesting patterns on the cut, formed, thanks to a noticeable annual rings.

If you want to buy durable furniture, notbuy maple. Maple - rare beauty of light wood, but very soft. Previously, he was one of the most common material for furniture, but now superseded by more durable rocks

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