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Wooden floor. Complete replacement or repair?

Repair wooden floor

Its apartment often leads owners to acquire a new profession - a specialist repair of all.

Of course, this is not necessarily, you have the right to hire workers who will carry out your repairs. If lucky, the repair work done quickly and solidly, though not cheap.

But to be so lucky, you need to understand that and when to do it.

Tell me honestly, do you know how to repair the floor in the apartment?

Not that repairs when to walk once again on the floorboards paint. And how to learn, how much longer it will serve you for the floor, which was not dyed again?

About it and talk.

Let's say right away - if the floor does not sink under thefeet, repair can be avoided. However, postponing the replacement of leaky floor, we can wait for that moment when you have to drop everything and will need to engage in sex only renovated, putting it all means, and a lot of effort. The cost of repairing the floor is often a limiting factor for the start of the repair itself. With a lack of finance are all good ideas are postponed for later. Therefore, it is necessary beforehand to weigh the possibilities and do not encroach on something that will not do.

And now that someone can not avoid repairing the floor. If you have upgraded flooring 5-8 years ago, then think about the next repair is too early. But owners who have sex has not changed since the time of construction at home, it is time to check the extent to which it is worn. The houses built for a long time the standard floor - slabs covered with expanded clay and filled with concrete, insulation on top is that the time has come into disrepair and the top paved floor boards. Soundly laid wood floor, high quality of the dried boards, can last a very long time.

But if your floor boards creak and begansag under the weight of the person, and any gaps between the boards, it is an occasion to reflect on the floor repairs or complete replacement. And it does not mean that the old floor should be covered with new linoleum. After such repair the new flooring will serve you for very long. So before you to lay something new, you need to align as much as possible and to strengthen the old floor, which will serve as a basis for a new trendy cover. Make as possible in two ways: to repair a wooden floor or completely replace it. Consider these options for repairing the floor.

Repairing a wooden cover.

The wooden floor repair only if they know exactly what the foundation is in good condition and needs only slight strengthening shattered floorboards. Driving repair a wood floor is easy:

- Clear the board of colors, with this good handle grinder, it is easy to remove all the layers of paint to the tree-

- Survey the board - cracked, rotten and unsafe remove, and replace them with new and krepkimi-

- Check, as the boards are fixed to the joists -if the board nailed nails, the nails should be the goal, so that the cap plunged into the board by 5 mm and additionally fix them on the screws, they are more reliable gvozdey-

- Narrow slits obscure the special putty for wood, pits, which turned after the deepening of nails and screws, the same glosses shpatlevkoy-

- Slit width greater than 0.5 cm piece of wood close (Chopik), landing it on the same filler for derevu-

- Stopper space is smoothed with sandpaper or passage again sander for semi-

- Remove the debris with a vacuum cleaner or a brush, and then get rid of the dust with a damp tryapki-

- Put on renovated floor paint or flooring laid. Such repairs floor under the power of any man.

Complete replacement of the wooden cover.

If more than half of the boards had deteriorated,it is easier to completely replace all of the floorboards. Now the procedure of laying a wood floor has become more reliable. The current board is made of solid wood with a tongue. On the one hand a tongue and groove boards on the other side allow to firmly connect without gaps between the boards themselves. For reliability, the junction can be glue. The disadvantages of this renovation include the high price. But these floors are more durable and environmentally friendly.

If you want something modernistic, such as laminate or parquet, it is best to completely dismantle the old wooden floor and execute a solid foundation of concrete.

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