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Ladies Haircuts: page or sessun

Hairstyle sessun

"Sessun" and "The page" - this hairstyle, which can be traced unchanging French chic. They look trendy, modern and stylish.

Although, for example, a haircut "Sessun" was first created in English barber in the distant sixties.

The characteristics of haircuts "Sessun" and "The page"

Many people confuse "Sessun" and "The page" due to the factthey do not know their distinctive features. Both hairstyles are versatile and seemingly very simple in execution. Some can not even distinguish them from the classic bob. In fact, the distinctive features are not so much:
1. Bang. Semicircular or circular fringe - is the distinguishing feature of the hairstyle "Sessun." In haircut "Page of" bangs just straight.
2. The level of the hair back. In "Sessun 'hair back lengthened, and a haircut" Page, "they are cut exactly on the same line.
3. Scope. Volume inherent haircut "Sessun." Hairstyle "The page" in most cases smooth.

Features haircut "Sessun"

Haircut "Sessun" is usually performed on averagestraight hair. Calibration begins from the middle ear and down to his shoulders or slightly below. The barber cuts hair in small strands. At the same time the previous strand overlaps new just a few millimeters. Each slice is made at a certain angle, so do hair curled inward. So it turns out the natural hair. Technique haircuts complicated: it requires skill and care hairdresser. For hairstyles "Sessun" can be characterized by a certain asymmetry, ragged strands. This gives it a special piquancy.

The ideal option - it is a haircut, "Sessun"made without fleece, varnish and other means of installation. Therefore, it is best to look at a fairly thick hair. Simply wash your hair a bit dry, and then shake your head and the hair itself will fall in the right direction. Curls should wrap it inside: this is easily done with the help of a round brush and a hair dryer. The advantage of "Sessun" in that it requires virtually no installation: thereby saving women time to brush up.
When thin hair, but long, thenhaircut "Sessun" may also be appropriate, as it will give volume to the hair. Haircut "Sessun" is considered to be quite mobile, so energetic gait or she is not afraid of the wind. Another advantage haircut "Sessun" - is the ability to create different hairstyles on its basis. For example, to make a romantic curls and curls, and wrap the ends, not only inside but also outside.

Features haircut "Knave"

As a rule, a haircut "Page," is very short: until the middle ear. In rare cases, it makes more long: until the middle of the shoulder. When the length of the ear to the middle of the level of bangs and the rest of the hair is the same. The barber cuts hair on one line, and the fringe makes direct. Haircut "Page," you can do and wavy hair, but it should take into account the shape of the face. If the face is round, the "Knave," to make curly hair more broadly oval. Not recommended "Page," and for the triangular faces. In all other cases, you can experiment. Especially good "Knave" for oval or square face.
For daily styling haircut "Knave" neednot so much: foam, mousse, a round hairbrush, hair dryer. It requires only twist the ends of hair inside. Although modern "Knave" - ​​a straight ends of the hair, which does not tighten up to the face. This stylish haircut prefers singer Rihanna. For straightening tips you can use wax or oil for dry hair. Also suitable utyuzhok. Although "The page" - is, as a rule, smooth hair, its modern interpretation involves the use of various means to create volume.
perform haircuts "Knave" technology similar totechnology implementation "Sessun": shearing strands each subsequent should be about 3 mm longer than the previous one. So getting the right form of haircuts. At the hairdressers this classic method called "Binding".

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