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FEMALE mistakes on the first date


Female mistakes on the first date</a>

Many women, going on a first date, are considering their steps. But not everything happens as planned.

There are a few errors that you do not need to commit to not be left alone.

Many ladies, going on dates, pondering,As well as what they will say. As practice shows, it is not always possible to use pre-prepared phrases and to behave correctly in one or another situation. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the rating of the most common mistakes that girls make on dates.

Common mistakes on the first date

1. Accuracy and punctuality

About the delay in the girls' meetings, everyone jokes,Coming up with anecdotes and stories. There are men who can condescend to this habit. But if a young man is punctual, he is unlikely to normally perceive a delay of 30 minutes or more. On the first date is generally not recommended to be late.

2. Moderate amount of cosmetics

Of course, make-up for the first date should beIdeal, but you need to know the face. Too "sketched" ladies like not all the representatives of the stronger sex, so the first date may be the last.

3. Financial independence

Count only on yourself. Financial independence is the key to a successful meeting. Of course, it's good if a man pays for it, but it's better to postpone taxi money.

4. Alcoholic beverages

It is not recommended to drink too much alcohol on the first date, and on the following too. Men do not like drunken women, especially if they are attuned to a serious relationship.

5. Mouth to lock

Never tell your new self about your former beloved. All men in one way or another are owners. You should leave your stories about your love affairs for a walk with your girlfriend.

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