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How to withdraw trial balance

How to withdraw trial balance

Trial balance (SALT) is widely used by accountants for accounting.

This document is a ledger and enables the Combined cover each account, showing aggregate information for the required period.

You will need

  • - 1S- program
  • - Printer.



Opportunities OSV wide enough to allowto make analysis of the necessary parameters (subkonto). Statement may be formed for each account separately or general, throughout the organization. SALT you can easily determine the correct posting of operations prior to the preparation of the final balance. In order to get the trial balance in the accounting program 1C, you will need to run the program by double-clicking on the icon 1C. Next, follow the instructions, you may have to enter a password or simply click "OK".


Close all pop-up windows to 1C. Each time you update the configuration automatically appear ad units. They need to be closed by clicking on the X in the upper right corner, as sometimes they interfere with the program fully progruz.


It will take command download "SALT" report: tab "Reports" - "trial balance of the account" - in case you need a set for a particular account will tab "Reports" - "trial balance" - in case you need a total of SALT on all accounts BOO. In 1C 8 version tab of the report can also be found on the desktop.


You must configure the SALT. In the first program of pop-up window will prompt you to set the report options. The parameters are: the date (period) - CU account number (with the formation of the OCB in a row) - subkonto (you can choose the contractor, the right material or a specific contract, that is, any desired range you).


After establishing all the necessary settings, click "OK" or "Generate report". The program will form the SALT according to specified parameters. After this report can be printed.

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