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How to deduce a turnover balance sheet


How to deduce a turnover balance sheet</a>

The turnover balance sheet (SALT) is actively used by accountants for record keeping.

This document is an accounting register and allows you to comprehensively cover each account, showing generalized information for the desired period.

You will need

  • - program 1C-
  • - Printer.



The SIS capabilities are quite wide and allowMake an analysis of the necessary parameters (sub-con- tent). The statement can be generated for each account separately or generically, throughout the organization. By SALT, it is easy to determine the correctness of the posting of transactions before the final balance is drawn up. In order to display a turnover balance in the accounting program 1C, you will need to start the program by double-clicking on the 1C icon. Next, follow the instructions offered, you may have to enter a password or just click "Ok".


Close all pop-up windows in 1C. Ad units appear automatically every time the configuration is updated. They need to be closed by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner, as sometimes they interfere with the program to completely load.


You will need to download the "OSV" report: Open the "Reports" tab - "Account balance turnaround" - in case you need a summary for a certain account of the BU - the "Reports" tab - "Turnover balance sheet" - in case you need a total WWS for all accounts BOO. In the 1C 8 version, the tab of this report can also be found on the desktop.


You need to configure the WWS. In the first pop-up window, the program prompts you to set the report parameters. Parameters are: date (period) - account number of the BU (when forming the WWS on the account) - subcontourse (here you can select the counterparty, the necessary material or a specific contract, that is, any desired nomenclature).


After setting all the necessary settings, click "OK" or "Generate report". The program displays the form of SALT, according to the specified parameters. After that, the report can be printed.

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