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How to bring the wax from clothing

If you dripped wax or paraffin blouse or pants? do not rush to bear rotten thing to the dry cleaners.

After all, to bring clothes with wax and can be at home? it simply does not require any specific materials.

You need only iron, paper napkins or towels, and a small piece of cotton cloth (eg, handkerchief).

You will need

  • Iron
  • Paper towels or napkins
  • Cotton fabric



Please wait until the wax on clothesfinally cool down and solidify? otherwise you risk? smudge? his tissue. Once the wax? Grab ?, gently scraped it from the fabric (you can just nail can be? The blunt side of a knife). After this simple operation on the fabric will be fat in the form of a spot that you can begin to withdraw.


Fold in the paper towel or paper towel several times and put it under the stained tissue from below. Top cover with a thin spot (and preferably light) of cotton cloth.


Turn on the iron and let it warm up a little. The melting point of wax? 60-80 degrees Celsius, so in order to clean the wax stain, heat the iron? to the maximum? not necessary.


Several times iron the spot iron. The wax will slowly melt and soak into the tissue paper under planted. To the operation was as efficient as possible, it is better to change several times wipes to clean.


After all the wax melted, to fabriccan remain greasy trail. Do not worry? he washed off in the standard washing in the washing machine (or, in the case of delicate fabrics? when washing with warm water and soap).

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