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How do I withdraw money on your card Yandex unauthenticated users

How do I withdraw money on your card Yandex unauthenticated users

"Yandex" - is the domestic electronic payment system online.

It enables virtual calculations sets the payment of goods and services, money transfers, as well as their withdrawal with plastic cards Visa systems or MasterCard.

Unidentified users "Yandex" service can withdraw funds with the electronic wallet to a bank card in two ways.

Conclusion any Visa card or MasterCard

This option is to withdraw money in the bank cardaccount is available for all users "Yandex" system, including unidentified. To cash out this way, you need to sign in to your account payment system, click on "Withdraw", located at the bottom under the account number on the left side of the screen. After that you should select the translation - the button-link «Visa or MasterCard». Bindings card account to the account of the system in this case is not required, and can be safely administered in the appropriate fields the card number and the amount of output.

Cashout "Yandeks.Koshelka" an unidentified user is possible only on credit cards issued by Russian banks.

Term of transfer of money at stake in this case,up to 6 days. The minimum withdrawal amount of 100 rubles, and the maximum allowable for unauthenticated users - 15 000 rubles. Will be charged a fee of 3% of the transfer plus 15 rubles.

Withdrawals on a special card MasterCard «Yandex»

The system "Yandex.Money "for the second year offers absolutely all its users free of charge issuance and servicing of the special MasterCard credit card /" Yandex ". Order can be through your account in the payment system. To do this, you will need to send an application by filling in the form on the website money.yandex.ru, which should be given the surname, name, patronymic of the user and his address. Pay only for shipping have card: 149 rubles - the people of Russia and 199 rubles - the inhabitants of other countries.

Identification in the "Yandex.Money "- a procedure to confirm their identity by providing application and passport data. It extends the number of users of the system.

Later on the map "Yandex.Money "can withdraw money from his wallet in the same manner and with the same conditions as any other MasterCard card. Cashable money can be derived from any ATM.

Maps "Alfa-Bank" - a special case

Clients of "Alfa-Bank" can withdraw funds from"Yandeks.Koshelka" online service "Alfa-Click." The Commission will make up 3% of the amount transferred, but the withdrawal will be carried out immediately. To use this option, you need to "Alpha-click" submit a request for service connection "Communication with the bank." Derived money by "Alfa-Click" and then can also instantly and completely without commission to bring a plastic bank card.

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