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How to withdraw money from Yandex money

How to withdraw money from Yandex money

In recent years, the increasing popularity receive electronic money.

With their help, you can pay for telephone, Internet, goods in shops and stuff.

But here's how to withdraw money from the electronic purse, in particular, Yandex money, many people still do not know.

You will need

  • Internet access, a bank card or open a bank account, passport.



Fasten the card to the bank account Yandex money. Currently this feature is only available for the three banks - Alfa-Bank, the bank "Opening" and RosEvroBank. This requires a payment card of one of these banks. To bind the Alfa-Bank card need to go to Alfa-Click and send a request for account binding. The answer will come SMS with a password that must be entered in the alpha-clique and Yandex. Card bank "Opening" can be linked using the ATM. Select Services section, enter your account number on Yandex, go back to the computer and confirm the card binding. To bind the card RosEvroBank need to complete an application form in a bank, then you need to confirm in the electronic purse these actions. Now withdraw money at stake, you can almost instantly, while the commission is 3%, and the payment will be credited for half an hour, depending on the bank.


Get the money in cash. This is possible by using of Contact, Migom, or at the box office NSCA "RIB". To do this, go to the appropriate page in Yandex and fill the proposed file. Carefully specify the details of their own, otherwise you will not receive the money. You must specify a name, select a particular item (Contact), specify the phone number (Migom) or passport data (NSCA "RIB"). Payment will go to a maximum of 3 days, and the fee for cash withdrawal will be 3% and commission system, for example 1.5% to Contact's or 15 rubles for the NSCA "RIB".


Bring money to a bank account. This method is only available to residents of the Russian Federation. Withdraw money possible as the bank and the card account. To do this, select the desired method and fill out the opened form. The payment can go up to seven days, and the system commission is 3% of the amount plus 15 rubles. In addition, banks are entitled to charge its own commission and, therefore, before the withdrawal of money is better acquainted with the tariffs that there was no unpleasant surprises.

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