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HOW bring gum from clothes

How to bring chewing gum from clothes

Who has not found himself in a sticky situation: some "joker" gum stuck to the seat or to transport the chair in the cinema.

Print gum from clothes is not as difficult as it may seem.

You will need

  • - Some petrol
  • - Freezer



Method one: chewing gum is removed with fine clothes with gasoline. First you need to remove the bulk of the chewing gum. Then moisten a cotton swab with gasoline and remove the remains of chewing gum. After that, the thing you need to wash as usual.


Method two: if you have not had time to rub the gum into the fabric, and the thing is not too big, you can put it in the bag and remove the night in the freezer. The next morning, when you remove the item from the freezer, chewing gum is easy to fall off.

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