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How to withdraw from vacation

How to cancel an employee from vacation

There are situations in which the company,for whatever reason, is forced to withdraw from the employee's vacation, to eliminate and prevent any problems or misunderstandings, such actions fall under the labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

However, it should be with the consent of the employee - it is recommended to obtain the consent in writing.

It should be noted that if the workerhis personal reasons refuses to leave early from leave by order of the company's management, then these actions should not be seen as a breach of regulations and labor discipline, and should not be fined, or some other form of punishment.

That part of the holiday that the employee was unable touse the employer's reasons, an employee can use at their discretion at any convenient time during this working year. Also, this part can be attached to the release of a future period.

Without fail, a review of the employeevacation should be issued an appropriate order of the enterprise, which must be a valid reason for the revocation and the date of the employee, the unused portion of vacation.

Appropriate changes must also be made to the existing schedule of holidays.

There are some categories of workers, which according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, it is impossible to withdraw from vacation, these include

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  1. underage workers to 18let-
  2. pregnant women-
  3. employees who are related to the production of harmful or dangerous working conditions.

In such cases, even if the employee does not come out against the advance of the holiday, it is not allowed.

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Accounting, revocation when an employee from vacation,it will be necessary to make a recalculation of the amount of accrued vacation pay, according to the actually used vacation days and begin accruing employee wages from the date of his return to work. All of this would also need to display in order and be sure to put in the employee's reputation. Holiday previously obtained the worker, he can make himself or in cash businesses, or accounting, the calculation of future wages, withhold that amount from it. And you can consider this amount as an advance, walking in the expense of future salary.

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