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How to remove a stain from the blood from the couch


How to remove a stain from the blood from the couch

Blood has one feature - to thicken and curdle.

In this regard, getting on the tissue, the blood quickly and reliably eats in its structure, thereby turning the process of getting rid of such spots in a very time-consuming procedure.

But if the shirt on which you have dripped blood, you can immediately soak in cold water and wash it, then with soft furniture things are much more complicated.

You will need

  • Sponge for washing dishes, hydrogen peroxide, a pair of tissue napkins.



Spray the necessary amount of hydrogen peroxide on the sponge to ensure that it is sufficient to completely treat the stains from the blood.


Carefully process the entire area of ​​spots with a sponge, dispersing the solution throughout the problem area with circular rubbing movements.


Leave everything in this form untilFoam is formed throughout the area of ​​the spots. If the spots are not too old and you did everything correctly, the blood should foam under the influence of hydrogen peroxide after 5-7 minutes.


Gently pat the resulting foam with a clean dry cloth.


Additionally, clean the problem area with a slightly damp cloth.


If the stains from the blood have gone off the sofa upholsteryCompletely, perhaps, the reason lies in the insufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide used. In this case, repeat the procedure by slightly increasing the dose.

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