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How to display a spot of blood from the couch

How to bring a spot of blood on the couch

Blood has one feature - to thicken and coagulate.

In this connection, falling on the tissue, the blood quickly and reliably eats into its structure, thus making the process of getting rid of such spots in a very laborious procedure.

But if the shirt, which dripped blood, can be immediately soaked in cold water and washed off, the situation is much more complicated with upholstered furniture business.

You will need

  • sponge for washing dishes, hydrogen peroxide, a pair of cloth napkins.



Apply to sponge the required amount of hydrogen peroxide to be enough for a complete treatment of the blood spots.


Carefully treat all spots area with a sponge, dispersing the solution throughout the problematic section in a circular rubbing motion.


Leave it in this form as long asfoam is formed over the entire area of ​​the spots. If the stains are not too deep-rooted and you did everything correctly, the blood has to froth under the influence of hydrogen peroxide after 5-7 minutes.


Gently pat the resulting foam with a clean dry cloth.


Additionally, completely treat the problem area barely damp cloth.


If the stains of blood left the sofa upholstery are notfully, perhaps the reason lies in the insufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide used. In this case, repeat the procedure, slightly increasing the dose.

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