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How to withdraw from the recovery mode

How to withdraw from the recovery mode

System Restore is a system procedure allows you to return to a given point with specific settings that were set at the time.

If you run the restore accidentally, you can try to get out of this mode and interrupt it.



If you have not gone through all the steps runSystem Restore mode, try several times to press the button "Back" or "Cancel" in the program. So you can close it or return to the Home screen and select other restore options. If the program hangs and does not respond to keystrokes, press the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + Del and end its forced through the program manager.


Perform an emergency restart your computer ifthe recovery process has already been launched. To do this, try several times to press a combination Ctrl + Alt + Del and select the option to restart or shutdown in Program Manager. If this fails, press the Reset button on the system unit, or a few seconds hold the computer's power button, which will lead to immediate shutdown or reboot. Please note that this action you make on your own risk - interrupt the recovery process can lead to serious errors in the system, with the result that it is booting.


Select cancel the System Restore option asOnly the relevant procedure will be completed, and the computer will host reboot. Run System Restore again and click the Rollback button. The process is identical to the cancellation of the recovery - the system will perform the necessary operations and restart the computer.

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