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HOW bring blood on clothing

How can I see blood on the clothes

Blood spots are difficult to remove from clothing using a conventional washing using bleaching powder.

Repeated washing in the end help to lighten or remove the stain, but there are more productive and fast way to get blood on their clothes.

You will need

  • - Ammonia spirt-
  • - hydrogen peroxide-
  • - Bleach.



Determine the? Age? spots.
Fresh stains usually have a bright saturated color, and chronic traces of blood acquire a brownish tint.


Try to get rid of the stain immediately after its occurrence.
If you immediately noticed that there was a spot, then moisten it with saliva. From small specks of blood, so it is possible to get rid of, but great spots are for further removal.


Wipe the stain with a solution of ammonia.
Prepare a solution of three tablespoons of ammonia and half a liter of water. Carefully wipe the composition obtained blood spot.


Dampen the stain with a solution of hydrogen peroxide.
Soak cotton pads 3% hydrogen peroxide and gently blot the spot removing stains.


Wash zamoyte thing or water.
Repeatedly agitate treated thing in cold water, then wash in any way? in the washing machine (choose the usual mode) or manually.


If you can not bring blood on their clothes, soold spot and it will be harder to get rid of him. For suitable soaking solution of soda ash or sodium chloride, which item should be placed for 10-12 hours.


Treat the stain with liquid bleach.
White fabric further dampen solutionbleach. Wash cloth. Use regular detergent or soap for washing. Repeatedly agitate the fabric in cold water. Add the water to rinse a small amount of vinegar.


Remember that much blood the old stains can not be removed completely. Try to treat the damaged areas of borax mixture of ammonia and water solution.

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