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How to remove blood on clothes

How to remove blood on clothes</a>

Blood stains from clothing can be difficult to remove with normal washing with the use of bleaching powder.

Multiple washing in the end will help brighten or even remove the stain, but there are more productive and quick ways to remove blood on clothes.

You will need

  • - ammonia-
  • - hydrogen peroxide-
  • - bleach.



Determine the age? Stains.
Fresh spots usually have a bright saturated color, and chronic traces of blood acquire a brownish hue.


Try to get rid of the stain immediately after it occurs.
If you immediately noticed that there was a stain, then moisten it with saliva. From small spots of blood, so you can get rid of, but large spots are subject to further excretion.


Wipe the stain with a solution of ammonia.
Prepare a solution of three spoonfuls of ammonia and half a liter of water. Thoroughly wipe the resulting composition with a blood stain.


Moisten the stain with a solution of hydrogen peroxide.
Wipe the cotton pad with a 3% hydrogen peroxide and gently pat the spot removing spot.


Wash the thing or water.
Rinse the treated object several times in cold water, then wash it in any way? In the washing machine (choose the usual mode) or manually.


If you could not get the blood out of your clothes,The stain is old and getting rid of it will be more difficult. For soaking a solution of calcined soda or table salt, in which the thing should be placed for 10-12 hours, is suitable.


Treat stains with a liquid bleach.
Wet the white cloth with a solutionBleaching agent. Wash the cloth. Use a normal laundry detergent or laundry soap. Rinse the cloth several times in cold water. Add a small amount of vinegar to the rinse water.


Remember that it is completely impossible to remove old blood stains. Try to treat damaged areas with a mixture of borax, ammonia solution and water.

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