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With what wear leggings

With what wear leggings

Retro style is very popular today.

Therefore, designers have revived many of the trends that were popular among fashionistas couple of decades ago. One of these chips are tights.

Tight stockings of thick synthetic material without socks today often choose women all over the world.

Tights: spectacular views of every day

Tights liked modern girls, andFor several years the fashion trend does not hand over their positions. This versatile item, has high density and abrasion resistance. Tights perfectly combined with other article of clothing, and you can create a variety of unique images.

Do not confuse tights and leggings. The second accessory is a variation of the first and made of different materials. Leather, cotton, nylon, etc. For the leggings used synthetic fabric with a slight sheen.

A classic top for leggings and tunics areelongated T-shirts. The former can be knitted, knitwear, cotton, wool. Pay special attention to the length: bottom tunic should be located just below the hips. Shirts choose wide, as if stretched. Also elongated shirts fit. Over the throw with a cardigan or wear a jacket. To add an image and help form a silhouette accessories: wide and narrow belts, long necklaces, scarves, large bracelets.
The correct choice would be to leggings knittedsweater-dress. With monotonous bottom wear top with prints or patterns. If you prefer colored leggings, dress should be as simple and restrained.
Since elk can also combine the light dresses. Choose a satin, chiffon, crepe models short length. Such a style will become the best company leggings length to mid-calf.
Tights can be worn with a mini. Preferably choose a small laconic monochrome models - so you will visually lengthen legs. It is also a good choice - skirt tutu. Top to bottom wear such a tight-fitting T-shirts with simple decor minimum.
Effectively with leggings look elongated shirt. Feel free to choose flannel, cotton, silk, denim model. Beautiful image you get when you combine a low shot from the monotonous color to the top of the low-key scheme. For example, a shirt in a cage or peas.

Tights and shoes: the right combination

Tights, unlike tights, socks have. Therefore, the selection of shoes should be treated carefully: wrong combination will spoil your image, visually shortening the legs. A combination of competent, on the contrary, make them virtually endless.

Nuance leggings - they often leave open the area of ​​the body in the ankle area. Therefore, just the right shoes will help to correct the image, not allowing visually shortening the legs.

Excellent choice - boots. Most often, they cover the stripped part or fit close to it, making it virtually undetectable. An added bonus - high heel. This combination will create a spectacular and sexy image.
For everyday pastime with elkyou can wear ballet flats. In this case, be sure to choose shoes the color of the accessory, and put on top as short as possible. Also, a good company will leggings sandals high-gladiators.
With great elk will look fashionableToday sneakers. Choose leather, fabric, suede model. Preferring multicolored shoes, make sure that it is combined with riding. Tights in this case must be monophonic.

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