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With their hands to paint a wall in the apartment

The hands to paint a wall in the apartment

Not everyone can afford to make the apartment good repair. Freshen up the interior as possible, making the taste drawing on the wall with his hands.

This will take a lot of stuff and not really do not need to be an artist, because drawing can be done using a stencil or brush.

You will need

  • - Gypsum plaster
  • - putty knife
  • - Acrylic paint or oil
  • - Acrylic primer
  • - Varnish matt or glossy
  • - Paint brush
  • - Brushes artistic
  • - roller
  • - tray
  • - Masking adhesive tapes
  • - rags
  • - stepladder



Wall should be cleaned of paint. If the wallpaper on the wall, they need to be slightly wet with water using a spray gun. And they spatula easily separated from the wall. Use the ladder to clean the upper part of the wall.


Cracks or holes align with plaster,applied several times with a spatula, thin layers, because a thick layer can go cracks. Post a dry plaster that time, which is indicated on the packaging. Plaster dries in a warm room of 24 hours, depending on the applied layer.


Roller apply a primer for degreasing of walls and protection from unwanted mold fungus. Dries the liquid coating of 1-1.5 hours.


If the wall is smooth and does not require any preparation, theyou can start drawing, using a stencil with a finished drawing or draw what you have in mind. Stencil firmly attached to the wall masking tape and apply paint. Filming must be carefully if you do not want to wait for drying pattern.

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