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With the help of what things you can create a cosiness in the house


Creating coziness in your home</a>

To your house was cozy, it is not necessary to buy expensive furniture and chic interior items.

There are several rules by which you can create coziness and warmth in your home.

Textiles for interior design

To create a cozy atmosphere, perfectly suitedElements from the tissues. Various curtains, light curtains and curtains on your windows will give the apartment a homely look. Above the bed you can hang air canopies or come up with different draperies, lay a beautiful tablecloth on the table. With the help of fabric accessories, you can refresh the interior without even repairing it.

Color design

Another basic rule is concluded in the correctColor registration. Color really affects the comfort. With the help of color, you can change the geometry of the room, create separate functional areas and come up with a destination for each room. As a basic color try to use neutral shades, you can also achieve the desired effects with bright accessories, they will emphasize the individuality of your interior.

Competent lighting

To make the room more comfortable, you needTo choose the right lighting. To create a suitable atmosphere, designers are advised to use, in addition to the chandelier in the room, also various additional devices, for example: wall or table lamps, floor lamps, sconces. This lighting will create a softer light, and the room will make cozy.

Indoor plants and flowers

Indoor flowers and various artificial plantsAlso give a cozy and fresh look to your home. For decoration, artificial flowers are also perfect, they will not wither and serve you longer than living bouquets. Just do not forget that they must be cleaned daily from dust, otherwise they may lose their appearance.

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