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With any size begins nanoworld

With any size begins nanoworld

From the name itself implies that begins with nano dimensions in one billionth of a meter, as the prefix nano means ten to the minus ninth power.

The human eye can not see the nano-objects and their observation was only possible in 1931, when the electron microscope was invented.



Nanotechnology became fashionable, talk about them and toplace and out of place. «Nanos» is translated from Greek as a dwarf, therefore nanoworld - a miniature world. That is why appropriate to speak of a nanoparticle, a particle that is a dwarf, but nanoenergetika or nanofluids - meaningless definition, because there is no energy dwarf or dwarf fluid.


Also, do not talk about nanotechnology, whereit comes to intra-atomic interactions and chemical technologies. There operate more small in size and is measured in Angstroms all - 10 to the minus tenth degree.


Often to nanoobjects mixed items fromthe microcosm, that is, objects, one larger than 100 nm. Technology use such objects can not be called nanotechnology, because then it turns out that the manipulation of soot - have nanotechnology, because the size of its particles a little more than 100 nm.


Correctly apply the definition of "nano" and"Nanoobject" only to the structures that are larger than 1 nm in either direction and thus more than a few tens of nanometers, in only one direction. These objects may include various molecular clusters - astralenes, nanotubes, fullerenes, fullerides and complex molecules, such as DNA.


Present size of the objects of the nanoworld possible iflook at an ordinary human hair. Its average diameter - 0.05 mm, is approximately sixty thousand times greater than the size of an ordinary object of the nanoworld.


The depth of the tracks on a conventional CD - 100 nm, their width - 500 nanometers.


A nanometer is used when talking about the wavelength of visible light. The human eye perceives a wavelength of 380 to 760 nanometers.


Modern semiconductors comprise elements dimensions of 14 nanometers.


If the 10 hydrogen atoms are arranged in a straight line one behind the other, the length of such a chain of approximately 1 nanometer.

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