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Winter garden with own hands</a>

Winter gardens until recently were in ourCountry a rarity. Owners of country houses were not sure that these transparent structures can withstand severe temperature and snow loads.

However, with the advent of new materials andThe development of modern technologies, the creation of a winter garden has become possible for ordinary homeowners, who now can afford not to part with the summer all year round.

The erection of the greenhouse

First you need to decide on the placeThe location of the winter garden. It can be broken in one of the rooms of the apartment or house, a loggia, a small annexe or a separate room near the house. Experts recommend to give preference to the last two options, since transparent walls will allow plants to receive a sufficient amount of sunlight.

For a special structure or extension, it is better to choose the eastern side. So the sunlight will come in sufficient quantity, without causing damage to plants.

Prepare a draft of the future structure. To do this, you can preview photos of greenhouses in magazines and online resources devoted to the construction and improvement of personal plots. When determining the size of the building and choosing the building materials, note that the main characteristics of the structure should be good light transmission, lightness and protection from external climatic influences.

To build a frame, you can useWood or aluminum with a low weight. For glazing, double-glazed windows with electric heating are suitable. When choosing this material for the roof, do not forget to add to its characteristics the hardness and high strength of the glass.

In the winter garden it is desirable to install additional heat devices that can be switched on as the air temperature changes.

To ensure ventilation to the oppositeThe walls of the building need to install supply and exhaust devices. Provide coverage of two types: for the winter period and the off-season period. Choose the method of irrigation, focusing on the fact that as the garden expands, the need for an automatic irrigation system will increase. The most effective is the drip irrigation system, in which water penetrates directly to the roots of plants through holes in a perforated hose.

Selection of plants

Solving the technical side of the question, you canTo start choosing plants for the garden and creating a landscape design. In this case, one can adhere to one of the styles inherent in the winter garden: desert, subtropical or tropical.

Fans of the Wild West should put in their greenhouse aloe, cacti, calanchoe and milk. When choosing these plants, care must be taken to create a drier climate.

For a subtropical winter garden,Maintaining lower temperatures (5-12 ° C). Make an emphasis on green palms, ivy, flowering vines. Also spectacular in this garden will look like honeysuckle, azalea, hibiscus, camellia and citrus.

For settling a tropical winter garden, the dracenas, ficus, asparagus, bilbeli, and dienenbachia are suitable. The optimum temperature for growing these plants in a greenhouse is 18-27 ° C.

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