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Winter garden with his own hands

Winter garden with his own hands

Winter gardens were until recently in ourcountry very rare. The owners of country houses have not been convinced that the transparent structures can withstand the harsh temperature and snow loads.

However, with the advent of new materials andthe development of modern technology, the construction of a winter garden is made possible for ordinary homeowners who can now afford to part with the summer all year round.

Construction of greenhouses

First we need to decide on the venuethe location of the winter garden. It can be broken down into one of the rooms of an apartment or house, lodge, a small annex or separate building near the house. Experts recommend to give preference to the latter two options, since the transparent walls allow the plants get enough sunlight.

For special building or extension is better to choose the eastern side. Since sunlight is sufficient to act without causing harm to plants.

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Prepare the future structure of the project. To do this, you can preview the picture greenhouses in magazines and online resources dedicated to construction and landscaping gardens. In determining the size of buildings and selecting building materials, please note that the main characteristics of the design should be a good light transmission, lightness and protection against external climatic influences.

For the construction of the frame, you can usewood or aluminum having light weight. For glazing windows fit with electric heating. Choosing the material for the roof, do not forget to add to it the characteristics of hardened, high strength glass.

In the winter garden, it is desirable to install additional heating devices, which can include at least changes in air temperature.

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In order to ensure ventilation in the oppositebuilding walls to install air handling unit. Consider two types of coverage: in winter and off-season. Choose the method of irrigation, focusing on the fact that as a garden extension will increase the need for a system of automatic watering it. The most effective recognized by drip irrigation system in which water penetrates directly to the plant roots through the holes in the perforated hose.

selection of plants

Solving the technical side of the issue, you canproceed to the selection of plants for the garden and the creation of landscape design. It is possible to stick to one style, inherent in the winter garden: desert, subtropical or tropical.

Wild West fans should be placed in its greenhouse aloe, cactus, kalanchoe and euphorbias. By choosing these plants, care should be taken to establish a more arid climate.

For subtropical winter garden needmaintaining lower temperatures (5-12oS). Make the focus should be on the green palm trees, ivy, flowering vines. Also impressive in this garden will look honeysuckle, azaleas, hibiscus, camellia and citrus.

For the settlement of the tropical conservatory suitable dracaena, ficus, asparagus, bilbelii, dieffenbachia. The temperature optimum for growing these plants in a greenhouse, is 18-27oS.

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